Paper folds that never get old.

All these years, I had a fascination for the art of paper folding and I did nothing about it. Would see something created out of paper and just wonder. Right from paper boats & planes to  the cranes and complex structures made out of a thousand small square sheets, Origami has always given me those enchanting feels. The way a single sheet of paper magically turns into a familiar 3-dimensional object is awe-inspiring, to say the least. Those who have folded a paper into something meaningful & beautiful would know the joy of that perfect crease on the paper. When the edges meet perfectly and the corners naturally turn the paper in the direction of the shape you want the paper to get into, that’s a blissful moment.

“Everyone’s got to love origami,
All perfect folds sit in their prim,
As only a few paper cuts & crisp edges later,
The sheets get ready to bloom, fly or swim.”

After being turned into crooked Origami shapes, as a bunch of old newspapers landed in the corner of the dust-bin, I finally got myself some colored paper and practiced to get my folds right. Here’s what I got done so far:

A multi-colored cube –


A stiff hand-made paper bag –


A 12 way pointing 3D object –


A good old lucky charm –IMG_20150313_111003_HDR

A fighter jet –


A Japanese star –


A small box to keep the sweet nothings –


A star fish –


An four triangle structure, that just sits at my desk in perfect harmony with the cubes  –


And a bigger project that’s currently under works –


Here’s hoping that it turns out to be good. The best part of it all is that Origami wants the maker to seek perfection and needs a lot of patience. All hail 折り紙. 🙂


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