The Digital Detox – How to do it?

As addicted as you and I are to the sweet updates that come popping up on our social media timelines every time we drag the scroll bar downwards, it’s a mystery to a lot many as to what exactly is ‘Digital Detox’. In its purest form, the digital kind of the detox means you cut yourself out from all things digital. Your laptop, your smartphone and with it all your social media accounts and therefore all your digital life – should be locked down for a few days, with the key nowhere within reach. Much like how your stomach needs to take some rest with plain non-spicy, non-oily food once in a while, your brain needs to disconnect from the digital world for some time.

Now, being in the field that I am in, it is next to impossible to not turn on my workstation every single day. So, instead of cutting it down altogether I’ve decided to make my own version of the digital detoxication process with the hope to follow it with sincere devotion.

The first and foremost culprit, the feeder of the toxic data for the brain, the one that tops the charts of ‘top 10 reasons of being unproductive’ for this entire generation is none other than our evil neighborhood – Facebook. That’s the first thing you have to deactivate. Next most used platform is email. I unsubscribed to many, many channels/websites/newsletters that would clutter all the space in my inbox. I now get only 15-20 emails a day on my multiple accounts, and each one of them is worth replying to.

I have never been much active on the mobile messaging platform – WhatsApp. People keep complaining about how I am not contributing anything in any of the groups. I pulled the plugged on that too. Left about 10 different Whatsapp groups that I was only a part of as a silent lurker. The forwarded messages would get to my nerves and the constant notifications are too much distraction. Another helpful tip for the readers is – Try to keep the data on your mobile OFF all the time. Switch it ON when there’s free time for about 10 minutes. Get the updates and shut it off again. If they really mean to reach you, they will call you or leave a message.

The whole point of writing this post is that if you feel you have a dream to do something apart from the regular job and studying and whatever it is you do on routine, you have to learn to let go of the things that eat your precious time and keep your brain occupied for all the wrong reasons. This is way easier said than done. Your dream could be to make a card, grow a company, eat good food, go running, spend more time talking or simply sleeping early. We have to remember – If you got a dream, you gotta protect it.

Signing off with a reminder for myself –


4 thoughts on “The Digital Detox – How to do it?

  1. Hehe.. 😀 Understood why you were feeling so light and happy during the call. You can go on mute on WhatsApp groups. 😉
    Nowadays, the only time I am connected to the internet is when I am in office doing office work and checking personal mails and WhatsApp occasionally. No Digital Detox required in this case. Though I think I am in urgent need of mental detox. 😛

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