Now, Headed Somewhere.

Routine is boring. Imagining myself doing the same things day after day, without even changing the sequence scares me. At first, the thought of moving to a new city was unsettling. So much, that the entire decision felt wrong. But now that I am thinking of moving again, I know it is the change in anything that disturbs. Shoving yourself out of one routine and embracing another one is what is dreaded. It only feels best when you’re moving towards something. Seeing people do something for the sake of doing it, makes me wonder if that’s what I really want. I know a few people who wake up every single day without knowing where all these efforts are going. We have to have small, achievable goals that change every day. Without it, if we look back, we won’t be able to tell a day apart. We have to be headed somewhere.

The bottom line is, we have to –


One thought on “Now, Headed Somewhere.

  1. As you ‘Head somewhere’, you still end up doing the same thing, isnt it?….. The very ‘Heading somewhere’ may also seem boring and pointless someday, when you look back in wonder and find yourself suddenly lost, in the vast labyrinth called LIFE……

    So, dont try for anything…just relax and watch with humour and anticipation, what life would lead you to…. As a great man in an even greater movie has already said, ‘Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get…’. So stay tuned and wait for the right piece of chocolate to be presented to you, as the rest of the world awaits…….

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