One point perspective. Always.

Being surrounded by two thousand people at a time is humbling. And when I use the word ‘humbling’ it is just making things as mild as possible. It is maddening, stupefying and at times blood-boiling (thanks to all the pushing and shoving). But then, it is all that as well as introspect-inducing. Weirdos like me get into the introspection mode and thoughts like – the insignificance of my life in this not-just-vast but the infinite bigness of everything there is – start popping up every now and then. More so, because you end up being in a room full of two thousand people every single day. And in all of this chaos, one thought happens to have made room in my mind.


It is amazing how each one of us looks at the entirety of the world from just one, single perspective. In a very materialistic, flesh and bone, hard-wood approach, of course. Wherever you go, you look at every scene in front of you from just that one angle. We can never see what the other is seeing. If you sit in one room, at any point of time, you are just looking at the one and only perspective that no one else can. We end up having just our set of experiences in the form of pictures captured from that view, on that day. Strange thought. We can never get into someone else’s mind and see what they’re seeing.

My inability to describe it further only forces me to say that – It would be just another super-power I would’ve loved to have. Having multiple perspectives at a time. I hope the wizards take a note of it & bless me soon enough.

One thought on “One point perspective. Always.

  1. I would beg to differ, but I think there are people who can get multiple perspectives simultaneously. I mean, that is how great literature is born, in the minds of such ‘Super humans’ who are able to supress their narrow, personal point of view, and project things from a wider aspect, that would stand the test of time and win recognition by all and sundry. These are the blessed few, who are known as authors…….

    What is your thought on this?

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