The one between what could’ve been & what would be.

So one major decision and a frenzy of events later, here I am about to take the plunge. Unwilling, yet curious. Weary, yet impatient.
Now, most people toil in their lives as *employees* with dreams of having something of their own to work for. While I, having tasted a startup life, am truly swimming against the tide (called norm) and doing what seems bizarre and the *Why would you do that?* kind. I have some reasons. And I am hanging on to the hope of this quote –


Only a few decisions are lucky enough to be called 100% right before they are taken. Rest, as they say, we take them first and strive to make them right later.
That said, I am here in a new city – to enjoy the ride & to make things work! 🙂
Signing off wondering what the next blog post shall be about.


5 thoughts on “The one between what could’ve been & what would be.

  1. Remember Paulo Coelho?
    “When you really want something to happen, the whole world conspires to help you achieve it.”

    Even Shah Rukh Khan followed suit… 🙂 So keep your fingers crossed and let the dices roll….

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