Human mind works in mysterious ways.
If too much good is happening with a person, his/her mind starts conspiring ways of
finding some small speck that is going wrong and makes a big deal out of it.
A good yet simple example is that of mega-rich brothers quarreling over property matters.
Because every single time a fight resolves or a tear is wiped – you look back and feel how could I make such an issue about this!
Emotions like – Respect or Gratitude or Sense of Belonging are conjured up by this mind only and can be altered with a snap of a hand.


At the end of the day, if you really think about it, it feels really very easy to stay happy and spread happiness. It’s all in the mind. And when you put the other person before everything else, it just feels easier! 🙂

2 thoughts on “It’s all in the mind.

  1. This blog reminds me of someone who would give report work to new joinees around 5:30 PM each day, and would test their tolerance to such limits that they were forced to replace his chair with a broken one, so that he would fall and have his teeth shattered against the stone flooring…. 🙂

    Human mind indeed works in mysterious ways, and sometimes fate plays a role as well in ensuring that you do ‘Practice what you preach through your blogs’. 😉

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