Little Miss Sunshine Turns One Year Old

An year went by since the Rise of the Little Miss Sunshine and today we celebrate her very first birthday. An year that was full of her cries and her smiles. An year that was filled with setting our schedules in accordance to hers. An year that saw her crawling and taking the first baby steps. An year that didn’t need mood brightening-up, because her presence shooed away any grumpy face. An year spent in tucking her up in the baby hammock and whispering to each other making sure she won’t wake up. An year where we tried to figure out what every ‘Mumm Mumm’ or ‘Tya Dya’ meant. It was an year we will never forget.

Here goes a little dedication to my dearest miss sunshine and her parents who spent sleepless nights to make you sleep alright –

We give you a bath and dress you all snug,
We read you a book and give a kiss and a hug.
We smile as we bid you a sweet goodnight,
We blow you a kiss and we turn out the light.

A move, a whimper, little cries,
We wait then go to dry your eyes.
We smile as we watch you rest your head,
We bid farewell and head to bed.

A shout we hear as startled we wake,
We slowly head to your room, “Boy is it late!”
A little while later we finally find sleep.
We pray that the restful silence surely will keep.

Our attempts to sleep are to no avail,
As we wake to your whimpers, cries, and a wail.
A midnight feeding, a binky, your boo,
We drag ourselves back to bed hoping all that will do.

Not so much. You’re up once again,
Babbling as if to ask, “Where’ve you been.”
We drag our worn-out bodies back to your room,
Mommy’s secretly wishing she could put you back in the womb

We rock you awhile and sing you a song,
But we know that you won’t be asleep for long.
It’s 3 AM as dad heads to bed.
But instead of sleep it’s work up late.

Mom comes out to say, “No sleep for me.”
Instead she dusts, washes dishes, and folds laundry.
And little baby all snug and safe in her bed,
Smiles as she rests her sweet little head.


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