Calling These The ‘Happily Ever After’ Times

That image pretty much sums up what I feel today. I have always refrained from certain things for I was afraid of feeling grown up and didn’t want to let go off the stupidity and clumsiness masked under innocence, that I felt I always carried around. But, I had no idea that breaking free can be this beautiful. Looking forward to the future with twinkling eyes and oodles of crazy dreams.

PS: The title of this post is inspired from the new theme of the blog titled ‘Ever After’. This new phase called for a new look. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Calling These The ‘Happily Ever After’ Times

  1. Whatever be the situation in life, I feel that a part of us, never grows up, and keeps the childhood locked up within, with all its magic and beauty, waiting to be unleashed and spread its mysterious cape over this dull and monotonous day to day life. No wonder Harry Potter series still top the list of best sellers, and dilapidated buildings bring forth the memories of dracullas and treasure hunts from the long forgotten tales of bygone days……

    Childhood is a state of the mind and not the physique…. 🙂

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