Blinding *Flash* of the Obvious!

So, recently there have been these series of events that had the slogan shouting in the background ‘Flash of the Obvious!’ and still I couldn’t take them in. The definition of what I call obvious is changing with every passing day. Statements like, ‘It is only natural.’, are being thrown in the wild more frequently than usual. Though they are not absolutely sure about anything, every friend seems to have a reason supporting their course of action. How can everyone make things feel this very obvious?

New thoughts are taking more time to sink in than what was the norm. Being brought up as a person who is supposed to have a clear-head, the unnecessary clogging up of thoughts is turning this mind’s focused aims into hazy views.

Sudden change around me in people, whom I expected to persist as they are, made me write all this, I guess. I didn’t find time to think that things would alter anytime soon. If things are so obvious to you, you and you, why don’t I find them apparent? – Well, no obvious answers for that.

Why is this post so vague in nature, you ask? Well, no obvious reasons as well.


2 thoughts on “Blinding *Flash* of the Obvious!

  1. Why is the face of Captain Obvious so grumpy? Is it the predictable nature of everything, that is causing him to get irritated..?
    Dont say, that was obvious as well 😉

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