Why I Love Google Animated Videos.

Well, just like http://www.google.com home page, these videos have white backgrounds and bright colors on the objects used. The white color makes everything look bright. It helps the viewer focus on the important things being shown. Whosoever creates these videos, makes sure that the language and the concept is understandable to the layman. I am amazed at how easily they put things across in the most simplified format.

Here is an example:

The real ingenuity lies in making things easy. Just because they make it look easy, we think it is easy. The way they explain stuff is hassle-free and not boring at all. I wish school teachers used such videos to teach everything from geography lessons to number theory in the primary classes. Remember what Mr. Einstein said,

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

Check another one:

To the team who creates all these videos, you guys make the world a better place. I hope the marketing teams & the creative people across the big companies learn from them. The bottom line : Simple is Beautiful, Friendly and Catchy. 😉


3 thoughts on “Why I Love Google Animated Videos.

  1. “Simple is Beautiful, Friendly and Catchy”- The very reason people connect with these videos so easily! There’s also a brilliant Tanjore video by Google that I know you’ll like! Do check it once! 🙂

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