A Mentor, A Guru, A Godfather

The greatest of the stories ever told and those which have been able to become immediately appealing to us all have one common thread. All of them have: a mentor, a guru, a godfather. Be it Dumbledore or Gandalf or one of those numerous guides in Robin Sharma’s books of greatness. Be it the tales of the overachievers from the countless sci-fi books or even the mythological stories where there is Lord Krishna for Arjun or Chanakya for Chandragupta.


There is always the one who brings solace to the distressed. There is always the one know-it-all; the one who has all the answers. There is always the one who has the experience and the forbearance. The one who will look you through thick and thin; and the one who will take a back seat and let you enjoy all the glory. That someone who is watching over you during the dark and miserable times and becoming your sole guiding light. In short, that one person makes you and your life ‘awesome’.

Just imagine, how awesomeย it would be to have such a person in your life, in real life. In times of unreasoning and confusion, you have someone definitive to look up to. Someone who may not give you direct answers, but tell you where to look them up. Just imagine for a moment.


4 thoughts on “A Mentor, A Guru, A Godfather

  1. We all have a mentor, a guru, a godfather not just in one person but in various other forms; family, friends, teachers or sometimes even a stranger.
    Even a few words (that makes sense in the situation you are in) by a stranger can tell you where to look up for the answers.

    And, good people like you are always surrounded by other good people. Someone or the other can always guide you through your tough times. ๐Ÿ™‚

    P.S. – The new theme is awesome. Simple and clean. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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