The Unpleasant Uncertainty

Writing is becoming difficult by the day. For penning down your thoughts you need clarity of mind and unruffled thinking. With a clutter of things inside the brain and no outlet to the mess, expressing things has become inevitably tough. 😦

Life is at a major turning point, though thank god for its not taking its toll. Now is the time to take decisions. Decisions! Something I am not very good at. (I just remembered my post – Choose or Lose. It was written in 2009. Not much has changed ever since.)

My state of mind

Having no idea about what the future will hold or which way to go next is something occupying moi mind 80% of the time. It is in our nature to fear the unknown. So many questions remain unanswered. I like to believe that the truth behind this uncertainty is simply a disguise, albeit an unpleasant one, for opportunity.

6 thoughts on “The Unpleasant Uncertainty

  1. I like your new theme. It is time everyone moved onto tumblr themes!
    After going through all the glow and glitter and bizzare stream of web 2.0 themes, it’s finally time to relax, reflect and be simple 🙂

    I want to assure you that your situation is just another block in the flowchart! We will inevitably flow forwards and reach new places 🙂
    You might as well check blogs posts where other people went through the very same part of life, and see how general the feeling is.
    For example – how I probably felt:

  2. Well first of all , all the best in whatever you decide ..

    I think the more we think and contemplate the harder it becomes to decide ..
    Listen to your heart and be realistic and WORK hard .. take care

  3. @Ishan I hope you are not bluffing. 😛

    @eternalthinker I am waiting to move on and write about how this post doesn’t matter later on.

    @bikram The heart has become a rather complicated place. It is not pointing towards one direction.

    @Surya Oh yes. 🙂

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