Rise of the Little Miss Sunshine

The Day is 18th November 2011. We rushed from my hometown to another city in quite a frenzy of events. The Granny-To-Be & Papa-To-Be are excited & nervous at the same time. I am trying to keep the mood cheerful, but I am the nervous-est of all. After reaching the destined place, as the clock seems to move at a slower pace than usual, we try to fake patient faces and try to tell the Mom-To-Be that everything is going to be fine. Minutes turn into hours and finally its 3:30 pm in our watches. The nurses & doctors are busy preparing the Operation Theatre. They rush the mom-to-be in. I close my eyes and offer silent prayers.
I have never seen the dad-to-be getting so frantic with anxiety. We are taking hurried steps across the passage next to the OT door & trying hard to listen to any kind of sound from inside.

At precisely 04:05:20 pm, I hear the sound of little cries from inside. And she is born.

Tears trickle down my eyes as I can’t control the extreme emotions. I hug her father and in silence, we both realize what ultimate state of happiness means. All eyes set on the OT door – her both grannys, great-grannys, aunts & father are on their toes to see her face.

Just then, the doctor appears with her all cuddled up in his hands & announces, “It’s a baby girl!”. And almost forgetting that we are in a hospital we shout cheerful cries!
I have never seen anything more beautiful in my life. She is a brilliant color of white & pink. As the doctor lands her safely on a cozy bed, she blinks eyes to her first ever rays of sun and glows in merriment. She looks calm & serene, as if she knows she is in the safe hands.
I lay down beside her & see her perfect profile face. It makes me realize what they mean when they say divine. She is one of God’s best creation ever.
Without anyone noticing, I whisper in ear, “You are going to be a apple of our eyes. The most beautiful, the most perfect, the most successful, the most knowledgeable that there is, is all going to be you and yours. You will always shine brightly in everybody’s life like the sunrise.”
You are my little miss sunshine & will always be. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Rise of the Little Miss Sunshine

  1. congrats dear!
    Just be prepared to get ur clothes dirty, ur hair fussy and urself running around behind the little angel…coz let me tell you “they are a little bundle of badmaash package disguised in cutest creation ever’!
    Have a great ‘aatya’ time

  2. Late post..
    Anyways better than ever. Hearty Congratulations to you, her father, her mother, and her grannies 🙂 And what is her name now? 🙂

  3. Little Miss Sunshine already bringing rays of joy and happiness in the family. Hope she always shines brightly and wonderfully like the sun. 🙂

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