Theory of Everything and Nothing

I saw an awesome documentary from BBC called ‘Theory of Everything and Nothing‘ that left me perplexed and made me write this post. It gives insights on a unifying explanation that can make sense of the infinitely tiny as well as the infinitely large. The quest for finding an answer to the theory of everything is every physicist’s dream.

What I am writing about in this post is not about what this theory is, or rather what it can be in future. It’s about how even a little knowledge about the vast space above us all can make us realize what we are here for and where we are heading and sometimes change the way we look at life, starting with the daily chores.

When we know, that our presence and existence is not confined within the 20km radius of our home,  we realize that we are the tiniest possible specks in this enormously huge cosmos. When we start to understand that there are thousands of unlocked mysteries that have deep meaning and more importance than any of our biggest day-to-day problems, we know there is definitely more to life than what we think.

We attach so much importance to our mundane world and our thoughts are way too commonplace, that we forget & fail to open up our mind for it’s true potential. We often create so much havoc for petty issues like when – the clothes are not ironed, food is not ready, keys are misplaced, dogs are barking at night, neighbors bang our door at odd hours, friend is not picking up calls, spouse won’t listen to you, exams ahead and no preparation …(and I can go on like this for an hour), that it’s unbelievable how many of us live the life almost blindfolded.

And what happens when we shake our head and try to look above all this? Try imagining yourself lifted up above and looking at you from the top of our universe. What you will see is your life is just like an ant that you might see daily in your room but it’s SO miniscule that it’s life and it’s world doesn’t matter to you and you are not bothered about it. That’s how we might look like when seen from above. Think about it for a minute.

If you know what I am trying to put down here, we have to stop being so self-centered and believe in the importance of the nature. The nature’s nature is so intricate and so vast that you will be left aghast by what you were ignoring for so many years of your life.

Till next time, admire the beauty of this:

PS: 1. This is the only post in which I have used maximum number of “so”s till date. 😛

2. This is the first time I read the whole post after writing it, looking for silly grammar mistakes. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Theory of Everything and Nothing

  1. There are so many different small worlds in this world itself. If you consider the universe, we are just what ants are to the earth or may be even smaller than that.

    No one really knows how vast and infinite the universe really is. And I doubt it will ever be known.

    It’s so captivating yet sometimes petrifying too! 😀

    PS: LOL at the PS! 😛

  2. We have so much more to discover or maybe We will be discovered by something or someone 🙂 and the pic in the end WOW

    and bbc does make lovely documentaries 🙂 thansk for sharing

  3. yeah so true.. that we should not let these silly issues bother us. So much to see, understand and discover in the universe. Very good write-up.

  4. Hello Ankita
    Reach u thru crazy engineers.
    Need to talk you regarding video comparison.
    If u can give me ur email id plz mention it here.

  5. Needless to say,yet another very good post..i think,even just trying to comprehend something so vast and great,is an achievement in itself for mankind..we can really do wonders with our marvellous human mind and brain..really glad that you tended to some..umm ..not exactly mistakes,maybe some of your carelessness..keep up the good work..

  6. This post is really motivating. I guess you’ve managed very well to express your experience after watching the documentary. May the change of perspective stay with us for a longer time than the usual little inspirations 😉 🙂

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