So much for striking a balance

Flipping through the channels on television or pages of any magazine all I see is Indian people copying things from the west. What I read between the lines and among the commercials between TV shows is people trying to make ‘Indianized’ versions of everything. Instead of taking so many efforts in making it look Indian and showing off as if they are doing it for the Indian audience, why not create something original?

I see it in every strata of society. I see school going kids using words like ‘Fab!’ and ‘Trendy’ who stutter when asked to read aloud sanskrut or marathi from the textbook. I see girls from middle class families who would rather be completely clad with clothes, wearing one-piece to parties. I see my classmates going through other’s song playlist and making sarcastic remarks if they see Bollywood song on it. I see Indian festivals celebrated with a tint of western culture in it and Indian food cooked in foreign recipe formats.

We try to strike balance almost everywhere, but are not always successful. For instance, take the Bollywood songs these days. They take hindi lyrics, mix western kind of music, some lead actor/actress dances on the beats which are again hip-hop and they hire foreign dancers to cover up all the space in background. The way these dancers do the steps, it’s in no accordance with the song, but they try to gel it together. Somehow I think it doesn’t fit. Like sometimes in a Jig-saw puzzle every piece gets a position, still you don’t get the picture right.

I think we go over the board with things to strike this balance. There is sometimes no specific reason to why we try so hard to mix up these things. Originality has so much value. It’s time we cherish it.


8 thoughts on “So much for striking a balance

  1. It nicely written. Should I ask you something directly? don’t get hurt.
    Have you celebrated Gudi Padwa with same enthusiasm as 31 Dec or New year?

    What you mentioned is true no doubt, but first improve yourself. We call ‘India’ and not ‘Bharat’.

    You could have said ‘Bhartianized version’ but you chose ‘Indianized version’. Sorry to offend you, but I want to tell you Charity begins at home. Mind it.

    Anyways this is nicely phrased and you have pointed out the odds amongst us very well.

    Can you explain the title?

  2. Nice post!

    I can relate to you on the post. As I said, we are trying to become like America but alas we are only grabbing all the negative aspects of it.

    It’s like there’s is no originality left wherever you turn your head to. Either be it a movie or a TV show. Just copy a concept an make another Indianized version of it.

  3. Yes we do .. get influenced by REEL stuff too easy we forget that its not REAL..

    The hilaroous or SAD point is the Westerners are trying to Imitate Asians,, Trying to become BROWN skin if you know what i mean and We are going towards them sad ..

  4. I agree with a lot of points you made. It’s sad to see Indian media trying to make imitated copies of western commercials and even movies.

    Moving onto the next point, I’d say there’s some good in western mix up in certain things. In food, in recipes, it creates a positive change. Similarly, we make resolutions on January 1, but nevertheless, it works and we have a great year ahead. Our cultural new years come in a time when we have a season of bloom and prosperity, so they don’t fail to give us a refreshment at the middle of the year.

    I think things go havoc when we’re blindly adopting from the negative aspects. And you say that in the really well written last two paragraphs 🙂
    The balance is lost when we start weighing in more negatives that readily destroys our own culture.

  5. Really good post.Your title for the post is very apt.I think we need to rationally assess things and not just ‘blindly’ imitate west..We need to learn, to discriminate, between good and harmful things. And the reason for our being blind followers,could be traced back to the fact that the western world is indeed ‘developed’ on its part. The whole point is-we really need to judge for ‘ourselves’,and pick up only that,which is best for us.

  6. Good post.

    It is good to adopt values from other cultures, but those values should be ‘GOOD”.
    …and exactly opposite is happening with our people.

  7. @Isahn Topre:
    Like many people our country also has two official names. Then the next point you’d say will be about the usage of English in India (… Bharat).

    And many of us who think that English is not a language of India, think again. After so many years, our culture has evolved and the English language has assimilated with our culture.

  8. yes Gaurav ji,
    I think you are speaking truth. After all 1000years of slavery will have some effects. I agree with you.

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