A pat on the back can get you back on the track!

It’s been over a month and a half that I haven’t written anything in this white space from my white keyed keyboard. I have had so many pestering and hovering topics in my mind and I just let them roam around.

And it so happened that, in spite of all this irregularity and laziness, I got two coolest compliments in a single day from people I have never met. The funny & jolly part is both of them used the same line to say it, ‘You’ve got a new fan!’

One of them is a guy who is a friend of a friend I’ve never met and another is a long-distance friend that I happen to have through CrazyEngineers.

I am happy to have all you awesome readers who keep giving so lively comments on every junk post of mine.

Since examination time will soon be near, I would have anyway came back to blogging because it’s the only place I feel calm. 🙂

But thank you both of you. Your pat on the back has brought me back on the track! 😉


6 thoughts on “A pat on the back can get you back on the track!

  1. hmm…dats true…mom was telling me same thing today..its amazing…bt in ma case its not only compliments which will bring me bk on track bt also scoldings by sm ppl whom i consider very special in ma lyf;may it b parents or two lovely frnds whom i adore d most…

  2. You say “my white keyed keyboard”, giving us all a reminder about your Mac 😉
    The good thing here is, you are back on track, but the great thing is, whoa you actually got two more fans 😀

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