Why complaints suck

2 years back a friend once enlightened me that why it’s stupid to keep complaining. We were very annoyed by the degrading quality of lecturers we had. Every new appointment for the lecturer brought down all our hopes. Frustrated by the situation, my friends and I decided to put a complaint to the Head of the Department.  But all our efforts were in vain, because the H.O.D. simply said, we can’t do anything about it since they’d chosen the best among all the applicants and this is the best they could bring for us. We were dejected. That was the time when one of my friends told me to stop complaining. There was no point in shooting arrows in a dark room. It just made the whole scenario look more disheartening. Later, we started ‘not-depending’ on the lecturers and got inclined self-study. And this habit has stuck with me till today. I actually got to understand the subjects better than ever. Thereafter, one of my contemplation after going through many other experiences is that, complaints really do suck!

When one keeps complaining about his/her present situation, he/she starts making things worse. The world is already full of schmucks who always bring the hall down and spread negative energies in all directions.  There is so much bad going on everywhere that if you don’t maintain your serenity, you will be drowned in the muddy water faster than others. Don’t spoil the mood by complaining all the time.

If you are reading this, you are very privileged than the billions around you (who aren’t fortunate enough to be able to access internet or for that matter have the ability to read this or even know what they are missing.)

It doesn’t take much. Just maintain your cool. And think of ways to enjoy thy self. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Why complaints suck

  1. True.Instead of complaining to others, it is really appreciable to concentrate on self development.

  2. Every single word written here is true.Even if u complain there is never ever a correct solution so just don’t ever complain..:)

  3. YEs MaM will do so .. I promise to keep my cool 🙂

    But hey i also feel that ignoring something is also bad… maybe find a different way to resolve the issue..

  4. @Ishan, Swati, Shreyas: Glad that you all share the same thoughts.

    @Big K: Making a mental note of it. 😉

  5. Liked your post.Ever Complaining attitude,is sure a setback,it just breeds an escapist outlook,if you arent capable of doing anything better, atleast dont make the matters worse by complaining.

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