A proud miser throughout

2 years back, I wrote a post,  where I wondered why am I just giving the money away.

And now, 2 years after that I have realized that I don’t actually give ‘that’ much of money. I realized this because, I found that money given to me, ‘stays’ with me for quite long. (unless its very, very important to spend)

I just can’t bring myself to spend money excessively. You can call me niggardly or a Scrooge. But that’s the way it is. I don’t see the point in people paying thousands of rupees for things that lack worth or can easily be termed ‘useless’. I dislike shopping (even if it is a bookstore),  and you won’t spot me eating or giving treats at large food joints if there is no such special occasion. (Unlike many I know who don’t need reasons to get out and stuff food in their stomach)

By now, some of your critic minds must have started thinking that I am just a ‘werido’ who lacks general interest in living life. But who cares.

In fact I have started believing that I like to ‘earn’ way more than I like to spend. Spending has to be kept for the things I really like. For e.g:  Buying things diligently to gift someone important.

Moreover, I don’t think that its OK to save money for the rainy day, when you ruin all your summers, springs and winters in the process. But it just feels stupid to not pay attention to the hard-earned money. I guess, one does not realize this till he/she starts earning.

Miser is definitely an exaggeration, but I won’t mind being called one. Because, when its your money you know its value.

I read a joke about this :

Yesterday, my friend’s car was stolen in night. They found it on the next corner of the road next morning. Their car had only so much petrol that it could only reach the next corner. His father is a proud miser today. 😉



15 thoughts on “A proud miser throughout

  1. Hey girl, you are on the right track and much better off than many at yr age! do give me a few tips on how to save the bucks

    PS: being a little easy in life is all good though and yes, certain things like books are not expenditure but an investment for life 🙂

  2. @Pallavi: Hey thanks. And about the tip: Give me your money. I will stash it one of my vaults. And it will be safe ever after. :mrgreen:

    @Ishan: Yeah, you have.

  3. it is not weird to think like that and i actually think itis very smart of you.
    even i rarely spend any money.
    i mean when i go to college, i get picked up by the college bus and my college provides breakfast, coffee and lunch and i get dropped again. so where is the need to spend?
    but still my friends insist on going to canteens just for a bite (just one and a half an hour after breakfast!) and it is actually annoying.
    even when it comes to clothes and shoes they love to buy really costly stuff which by the way does not last for more than a month! but my stuff bought at a reasonable cost from some other place gives me no problems
    so being a spend thrift does not always mean real quality. spending cleverly is the key 🙂

  4. Being miser!
    I never had lot of money to spend in my life so I am a miser!
    Spending cleverly I dont know , but a limit for month is what I generally follow , so if that is over then no spending at all until I get my next pay check.

  5. hiya 🙂
    that’s not a weird act! i think spending extravagantly doesn’t mean you rock. neither does being conservative mean miserly act 😉
    but i belong to the conservative category and may also be branded miser. 😉 who cares! :mrgreen:

  6. Okay so you are a miser. But don’t you think “I don’t think that its OK to save money for the rainy day” contradicts your very point about you in this post?

  7. @Amy: You didn’t read the next line: when you ruin all your summers, springs and winters in the process.

    There has to be a balance. Some people go over the board for saving money (even though they are big fat rich) in fear of the rainy days ahead & forget what they could do today. While some people don’t even think once before spending heavily.

    I would call the term ‘miser’ as people’s perspective of looking at me.

    @CP: True. Who Cares! :mrgreen:

  8. My friend once asked me: Why is money directly proportional to expenditure?
    and I said: Because expenditure is inversely proportional to brain!

  9. There’s an old saying-“The more you spread and spend your wealth,the more it multiplies and comes back to you.” 😉

  10. @D.A: I totally agree. *smirk*

    @Siddhant: I guess you exchanged the word ‘knowledge’ with ‘wealth’ 😉

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