Wondering if it is OK…

Yeah I know, I just turned twenty and all. But somehow I still don’t feel like a grown up.
Weird questions and superfluous thoughts still hover on my mind. And there are these thoughts that I simply can’t get rid of.

I find most people around me insane. I think they don’t understand the basics of anything.
I see them blabbering about all the nonsensical stuff & doing things that have no purpose or thoughtful.
I see people running behind the wrong things & trusting the unworthy.
I witness them idolizing the infamous & believing in all that according to me, should be banned.
Sometimes, I feel like shaking them & bringing them to back to reality.

But then I think otherwise. I really can’t do much about how people think.
I am left in turmoil: Is what I am thinking right?

Alas! I am wondering if it is OK to feel “most” people are insane?

PS: It’s winter & hence the snow falling over the blog.


11 thoughts on “Wondering if it is OK…

  1. Hey the snow fall is cool !. and don’t just bother about the wiered people around you they will be same as they are and will never change.:)

  2. Hi Ankita even i feel that way so there’s nothing wrong about what you think because many people are living in their own fantasies and need to bought in real world. Next you think you are 20 and still don’t feel grown up then i am 22 and even i don’t feel grown up, so what’s your view now.

  3. insane people eh? don’t know what to say… šŸ˜
    but as ishan said stop thinking so much šŸ˜‰
    and yeah i too love this snow fall stuuf so cool šŸ˜€

  4. ya..dats true..the ?s in frnt of u are real and true..!!mala kalat nahi lokana swapnat rahayla ka avadta te…der r many instances wer i tried ma best to bring ma frnds bk to reality bt all ma efforts went in vain

  5. Its all in the head. .old young age.. one shud do what one wants to as long as it doesnot hurt anyone …

    and yeah it is OK to feel most people are insane cause its true people have become very materialsitic the love and care for a fellow human being has gone .. each one lives in there own world ..

    and Dont worry to much … šŸ™‚


  6. Thanks for your valuable comments people. šŸ™‚

    @ishan and cooltwins: Can we really stop thinking? It’s all in the head, right?

    @Biggie: I am doing the same. šŸ˜‰

    @Bikram: Thanks for saying that it’s OK. Because I can’t help it anyway. šŸ˜€

  7. Why to think about others!

    Everyone is insane , like I am insane to X and X is insane to Y!

    SO just leave that thought off..

    Nice template šŸ™‚

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