End of a Phase:Leavin Teenage

I remember standing in the queue for prayer in primary school. We were made to stand class wise 1st std to 1oth std. I always admired the ones standing far away. How big they looked. They would get all the captain badges and always seemed to have all the fun activities. When I turned sixteen, nothing had changed. I used to go to school in the same way & did the same things. I realized that I could now help mom get things from the top shelf, but rest all was the same. 😛

Teen age was full of mistakes & embarrassments for me.
I liked the wrong things. I spilled the beans when I was not supposed to. I kept mum when I should’ve spoke. I was always full of doubts.  I made awful choices. I was  rebellious, grumpy & bothersome. I wrote posts like this:

And this:
…that made no sense to the readers. 😐

& I even felt extremely happy as Harry Potter grew up with me.

I made secret resolutions every birthday for the things I absolutely HAD to Do. And I still have no record of accomplishing any of them.

Through all that I never seemed to notice how fast the time was moving. I was rejoicing in the 15,16, 17 all 1 series & doh I am 20 already.

To this day Life never turned out to be the way I had imagined.

“Turning Twenty” surely seems BIG! 😮

I await adventurous and a fun-filled life ahead.

PS: That’s the only picture I found that resembles me. 😛


17 thoughts on “End of a Phase:Leavin Teenage

  1. So, what’s your resolution on this birthday? 😛

    Yes, 20 seems sooo big!! 😦

    Anyway, Many Happy Returns of the Big Day! 🙂

    Hope you have an adventurous and fun-filled life ahead!! All the best with everything. 😀

  2. We really want to sing “Aye jaate hue lamho,jara thehro…”,but life goes on.I Please don’t kill me after this pj
    ‘Lahaanpan dega deva,
    Mungi sakharecha rava
    Isko laga dalaa
    to life zingalala’
    (p.s:Nice blog)

  3. yeah! it sure feels great turning twenty 😀

    have a great birthday ankita 😀

    have a successful year ahead and many more happy returns of the day 😀

  4. happy birthday ankitha…
    may the year ahead bring you loads of luck and happiness 🙂 and also a driving spirit to try and stick to your resolutions 😉
    have a blast 🙂
    and a nice post 🙂
    happy birthday again 🙂

  5. @Enigma: Thanks a ton for again being the first one to comment. No resolutions this year. Period.

    @Swati, Ishan, Sahithi, CivilPrincess, Madhav, Cooltwins: Thanks a bucket! 🙂

  6. “And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

    happy birthday ankitha…. 🙂

  7. Appy Budday! and welcome to the 2nd decade of ur life..and congrats! u have survived highschool and more of society’s typical torture! 😛

    Adorable pic! 🙂

  8. Nice pic 🙂

    we all do mistakes and do things which we think are wrong later on.. BUt hey its how we learn things..

    and a good person is who learns from the mistakes and doesnot repeat them again.. its a process of growing up.. 🙂

    Wishing you many happy returns ofthe DAY
    A VERY VERY HAppy Birthday…

    God bless ……..


  9. Happy belated birthday Ankita! Didn’t realize your bday was close to Biggie’s, haha.

    I sure do miss the teenage years, when life was fun and carefree =(

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