Misusing the Powerful Media

It’s time, the greatest film industry in the World: The Indian Film Industry (IFI) look at itself. It’s high time it realizes how much degradation it’s undergoing and where it’s heading. Cinema is a very powerful media, it’s has the greatest power of reaching out to people in the most efficient way. And what effect it has!

The easiest way to get things ‘trendy’ is movies. The fastest way to ‘spread the word’ is movies. The most capable way of ‘creating awareness’ is movies. But, sadly none of that is considered while creating main stream movies in the IFI these days.

While when I watch Indian regional movies or any foreign language movies, I find some substance and something to take back from all of them.

I find the main stream Hindi Movies to be all the same. Same story, same songs, same colors, same lyrics & same dance too! I need not write more. (If you are wise enough, you already got my point) The worst part is, people actually try to imitate all of the nonsense on the big screen as if they have to compulsorily implement it in their lives.

The massive Indian population idolizes film stars. They take up or give up smoking if their favorite film star does it. They start using abusive language only to copy the style of their ultimate hero. They wear cheap clothes and start following a malnutrition-ing diet just because they find the most popular actress doing it. That’s the kind of frenzy about movies. They have the ‘power’ to control the audience.

Imagine, if we could change all that. Imagine, if all the hyper-super-stars start spreading awareness about importance of quality education and stress on the topics that lead people to take a step towards change. Imagine, if the directors continue to tell love stories with an element of reality attached to them.

There sure are some movies in IFI that stand out loud and clear. They weren’t off beat movies. They kept the tint of everything: humor-gloom-emotion-fun-action. I wish people make those kind of movies because…

Only once in a while there comes a movie that moves you and leaves a mark behind.

A simple example: See this scene from the movie 3 Idiots. I am sure everybody who watched the film took back a message from this:


11 thoughts on “Misusing the Powerful Media

  1. Hi Ankita, i feel pity for you. Not because of what our movies portray but because you still not understood Indian people are very much prone to negativity and fake presentation. Even if you will show something good they will praise today then forget tommorow, show them something wrong most of them will imitate. And don’t ask for example you already know many.

  2. Movies like 3idiots are changing the scene. However, there’s still a long way to go. Majority Indian population isn’t mature enough to accept a change in the age old scripts.

    Movies like 3idiots were made popular by the multiplex-going, middle or above class people, making it the highest grosser in the history of bollywood.

    I wonder why movies like “A Wednesday” were not super-duper hits.

  3. @Nrupen: No need to feel pity for me, because I believe people have got an overdose of negative and cheap movies.
    If 9 out of 10 directors make those stupid movies, people are bound to feel that’s the reality.
    Just because, Danny Boyle made ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, 1000 people will appreciate the movie even though it was not even worth calling near to good.
    The audience is getting hammered with the same kind of bad movies. It’s time there blows a fresh wind of good things in the IFI.

  4. The media has always been mishandled and it’s the same with Indian movies.

    Instead of movies like ‘A Wednesday’ or ‘Aashayein’, some stupid Mahesh Bhatt movie make it to the top of Indian movie box office.

    Humor, action, emotions are all necessary in a movie, but the talent lies in putting them the right way.

    Not to mention the songs, what more do I say when everybody set their tunes to ‘munni badnam hui’. Just too gross!

  5. In india media changes as the political powers change, everyone has stakes in it .. and thats what the problem is .. they have to make everyone happy which sometimes is not easy and because of the way we indian works favours call for favours etc etc so all goes haywire

    Movies well i totally agree with you hardly any movies made with some sense, most of the time u can watch the first 5 minutes and then the last 5 minutes and you know the whole story , same as serials they hardly move …

    Though there are good movies too. like the 3 idiots but they take ages to come 🙂


  6. exactly ankita 🙂 some cheap movies or totally crazy movies are celebrated while some deserving movies are not even recognized by the public. as if this was not enough people try to imitate them and make it look like fashion and look down on others who think this doesn’t make sense. though there are some good movies coming up they are not noticed until they have some “awesome” hero in it. and that’s the powerful media for us!

  7. @Enigma, Bikram and CP: You all are right.
    Now-a-days even the trailers are not at all appealing.

    And I forgot to mention about the music videos. Don’t you think they are exact replica of each other?
    Some stupid lyrics and one catchy step and some foreign girls dancing in the background! Uggh…I hate it.

  8. yeah i totally agree! there’s just no sense in that… i can hardly listen to some of the songs coming these days in the name of “rock” or “folk”. it’s total cacophony or it’s just like another song I’ve heard… 😡
    lt absurd. i don’t understand how these songs are taking the story forward or even making sense!

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