My Second Tag: 7 things about myself that nobody knows

I am tagged for the second time by my friend: Sahithi Pallavi to write on the above topic.

There isn’t much about me, that is unknown to all. Still I came up with the following list.

1) I have ‘secret’ enemies. Sounds weird, does it not? But they are secret because I never show them that I don’t like them.

2) I really like to clean my ears with the ear-bud.Those few moments are of real pleasure to me. razz

3) I have learned to stitch clothes last year. My mom is my mentor.

4) I have a bad inferiority complex. I can never imagine myself being superior to anyone around. confused

5) I can play violin. Though I haven’t taken any good lessons, I can play considerable tunes.

6) Till date, I have never tasted jealousy, whatever that is.

7) As a kid I wanted to be an Architect. Building blocks was my favorite pass time. But, engineering just happened and I love being called ‘Er. Ankita’ biggrin

P.S: I am tagging no one.

Post Update: Ok I am tagging the following people to write on this topic:

The Big K






14 thoughts on “My Second Tag: 7 things about myself that nobody knows

  1. He he, I already know all of your hidden facts, except the ear-bud thing.

    About the inferiority complex, I believe you are way too much superior to others in many fields.

    And yes, you sure are a very good tailor. 😀

  2. did I miss my previous comment??

    Its nice Ankita! and I did oblige the tag request and wrote so called unknown 7 points about me, though I havenot tagged anyone as such..

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