The Reel-life Super Hero

….or just the heroes.  They are all awe-inspiring. Every time we watch a movie, the one that really leaves a mark behind is that of a superhero (keep the gender uniform).

We see the heroes struggling for justice, believing in strong values, fighting the bad guys, saving the world and at the same time loved for what they are.  The story begins with a miserable life of the hero an almost wretched one. If not, then it’s dull, monotonous – the kind in which there is no room for monstrous enemies or even a smallest natural disaster. But the scene changes and this hero is over-exposed to the harsh realities which he never knew existed. Scandal, treacheries, backstabbing, humiliation or further more catastrophes like financial or environmental or family breakdown start dawning upon him. He lives up through all of that for the bright end.

And that’s exactly why these movies are dear to us. Ever wondered why? It’s just that we unconsciously relate to the character portrayed on the screen.  When the hero is getting badly beaten up and there are 20 onlookers, we feel what the heck, why don’t they help the poor guy? When the hero is all alone and is trying to make decisions inside his head on choosing between the right and the wrong, we think with him. We relate to the events happening on screen and involuntarily connect them to our life. Same is the case while reading novels. We become one with the character. We feel we are bound to win defying all odds. These heroes unlock the mysteries, confront their fears and tackle the obstacles all along their way, being the sole commanders of themselves. And they emerge winners. It’s like living a life we long for.

Are real-life superheroes the same? I think they have better challenges off screen, but they never enter the limelight.
Our life is just like a movie. We are the main character and we see events unfold right in front of our eyes. There are villains and life-changing events. We sometimes choose the wrong things and put ourselves in the pitfalls. We wriggle the dirt and stand up for our people. We are inspired by the legends; we rejoice in delight and thrive through pain.

And at last, we may remember that after that last fight-scene there is always a happy ending. 😉

If you know what I mean…


12 thoughts on “The Reel-life Super Hero

  1. The real life heroes exist but we don’t know unless and until they make it big. And I too believe there’s a happy ending to everything worth.

  2. Very well said!

    Real life heros do exist, but in a movie the hero comes to lime light in 2.5 hours , but in real life it takes time!
    But the one who tries harder will surely emerge as a hero.

  3. @Raj: I just read your post and found that whatever you’ve written is completely true.
    I also think on the same lines regarding the kind of message most of the movies give.
    There are thousands of great script and story writers, I wonder why those stories get ignored instead of the same family dramas…

  4. Nani ga kore o kaite nodesu ka? Anata ga saikin nin’i no jissai no seikatsu no eiyū o mitasu tame ni okoru ka? Onsha wa watashi matomona shitsumon sa renakatta baai, watashi wa sukoshi sugureta sainō ni megumarete inai shitsumon o shite iru nda. Sayōnara:-)

  5. I feel the real life super heroes (in Mumbai) are the Motormen, the bus drivers/conductors and the janitors who keep the city clean. In my opinion the real life super heroes need not be the ones who always save lives. They could be the ones who help us lead our lives.

    Reel life heroes? Have you watched Dabangg? Chulbul Pandey is the best example. 😛

  6. I agree to the point: Real Heroes could be the ones who help us lead our lives. 🙂

    And I watched Dabangg. 😀 I did not like the movie. But the way he says, “Chulbul….(pause )..Pandey” was great.
    And not to mention, the choreography of the title song is hilarious. 😀

  7. Interesting perspective on well known facts 😉

    Good Work 😀

    BTW another thing I have noticed in superhero movies-the acting,looks,makeup of the hero’s girlfriend are always kept mediocre 😛

    Maybe for people to concentrate on the hero ?? 😛

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