Rise or Fall (but with grace)

There is a thing called dignity. It’s not a term confined particularly  to a person’s poise.
I am an un-social person. (This is a kind of virus that has attacked the most part of my brain in recent years. I was way too socializing person when in school.) But, I have a habit of observing people. And in leisurely moments, sitting and wondering why people are the way they are. (This is also a disease, the kind that I haven’t yet planned to cure)
And after a curious survey of different kind of people, I’ve come to a hazy conclusion that, people can’t take a sudden blow – be it positive or negative. People can’t handle pressure.

What I mean to say is, whenever a person gets used to appreciation, good reception, approvals-all-the-time, he/she is taken aback by the slightest of failure. I’ve seen how the color of the face drops drastically when a person who craves for admiration is rejected or disapproved.
It’s heart-wrecking for them.

Same is the case with success. A person who has tasted success for long, doesn’t yearn for it. Instead he/she concentrates on doing the best he/she can. Such a person never looks with anticipation at others for taking pleasure. While a person who has never seen what it feels like to be at the ‘top’ or never had a experience of the glory, can not take the success that has come all at once!

…But people who are at the top, must also have had their first timers (bloopers and goof ups). There must also have been their own ‘first time’ of everything.
According to me, these people continued to be at the top only because they could take the heat that comes attached with success or failure. Not everybody can!

Success or Failure usually goes straight into the head. People start behaving abnormally after that change.
It takes courage to maintain the same composure and dignity that there was in them before the rise or the fall.
It is not everyone’s cup of tea to live through this transition gracefully!


11 thoughts on “Rise or Fall (but with grace)

  1. dats absolutely true…bt as u knw exceptions r always der….i dnt knw d definition of success and failure…cz ppl define dos terms der way…kisi k liye bas engg me acha score lana success hai to kisi k liye kuch aur…i personally believe in being satisfied wid wat i hv…cz wateve i hv got or earned…i believe was mine…..and i deserve it….

  2. this is very 100% true ….actually this all come from the cut throat competition….everyone want appreciation coz it show that what he is doing is going in right direction …but if some discards his work suddenly various thoughts of failure came into his mind …about his future ….it happens every time

  3. Thats really true.These kind of people always have a wrong attitude of no one else could be better than them on this Earth.

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