My Sins Against Gender Stereotypes

I’ve been tagged for the first time by a fellow CEan and a Blogger friend: Gaurav. Thanks mate.

Well to begin with, I am not the ‘perfect girl’ I thought I would be when I was a kid. I had read somewhere ‘SHIFT HAPPENS’ …most unknowingly.

I’d written a post : Notions About or Against Girls in 2008 and it was very well received back then. So have a look at it if you are new. 🙂

Here I am jotting down some points, that make me feel: “Am I odd?”

  • Looking good or being well-dressed has never topped of for that matter ever been on my priority list.
  • In my life of 19 years, I have not had a single typical ‘cat-fight’ with any other girl.
  • I am blind towards jewelery and clothes. (It’s the reason why I fail to admire people in functions/ceremonies/events or even on Television)
  • I like to fix things on my own.
  • I’ve a messy room. (However hard I try to keep things in their designated place, I never find them when I need the most)
  • I like wearing a cap, sports watch and sneakers.
  • I was never a die-hard fan of any Hero from the Film Fraternity.
  • I am never bothered about the Latest Shopping Spree. Buying Clothes & things has to be a quick business.
  • I am a bit clumsy.
  • I love cars. I can’t help noticing a good one when it zooms past me.

….Last but not the least, I hate pink! (It reminds me of the cough syrup!)

P.S: I guess I have sinned way too much against the Gender Stereotypes. Forgive me Lord!


18 thoughts on “My Sins Against Gender Stereotypes

  1. No not at all(have you sinned against the gender stereotype!!)
    The way you’re right now is very cool! 🙂
    And not to mention, we can be the perfect ‘girl’ anytime we want, can’t we? 😛

  2. Hehe Yes Nima. That’s true!
    Being that ‘perfect girl’ is so easy.
    Wear make up and act dumb 😛 (Just kidding.)
    But, doing vice-versa isn’t that easy!

  3. hahaha….no comments on this…!!i like being simple..and i knw i am d best at dat!!!coz i believe simplicity is d best virtue,a beauty in its own special kind!!

  4. Yes. Glycodin – to be specific! 😀

    I wonder if this one is valid under this: But I love adventure sports. Bungee Jumping, Sky Diving is something I don’t want to miss in this lifetime.
    And yeah… the Biggest Roller Coasters excite me! 😀

  5. Girl,

    This is complete laughter. The way put the things into post is mind-blowing.
    And now the thought of being diff from ‘general girl’ is again making you think like a general girl. don’t mind but its so cool. Every other girl thinks like this i suppose.

    and the points you mentioned are personal likings re… it differ person to person.
    I have seen most girls don’t like pink, and i guess most likes sports products/stuff.

    But yes few like shopping jewelery, cloths are what defines a typical girl.
    Anyway don’t bother.
    I like the way you are right now. Thats so also kinda kool …
    Keep rocking!!

  6. Haven’t been die hard fan of any hero. Funniest sin 😀

    But, your room is SO organized! :O

  7. @Mannu: Organized? 😮

    I understand…we concentrate on talking.
    Thanks for ignoring the mess. 😀

  8. @Divaa Divine: First of all, welcome to the blog.
    We do share many things in common. And we’ve found bliss in the sins we’ve committed. (Err…is this a sin too?)

    By the way, how did you stumble across my blog? 🙂

  9. It is OK to be normal,and try to be ‘girlie’ 😉

    BTW,lol at ‘SHIFT HAPPENS’ 😛

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