It escapes the corner of your eye

‘Namida (涙)’ aka the teardrops, the thing that follows a lump in the throat… The reason to write on this topic is unknown to me, it just flashed through my mind.

Question: Do emotional scenes make you cry?
My answer: Yes they do, but not all. There are scenes and situations (in real as well as reel life) where the moment touches you somewhere inside, it moves you. Those are the moments where we can easily relate to the character/person. And believe it or not, those moments live in our minds forever.

So much to my surprise, it’s only a few countable times that I’ve seen boys cry. Why is it so? I can never understand. My grandpa used to tell me that, women tend to live longer than men and are less prone to heart attacks, because they let loose when they cry. While, the boys…they won’t show even a shade on their faces if they are feeling disheartened, scared, dejected or sorrowful. It kills them from the inside but they won’t cry. So much pressure they put on the heart. I feel pity for all they go through to avoid crying. I am in awe.

I vividly remember reading the last couple of lines from the book, ‘A thousand splendid suns’ or ‘The kite runner’ when after shutting the book, I realized that a teardrop had escaped my eye.

It’s raining and you play your favorite happy song on your iPod, happy memories of the past rush in front of your eyes, and a tiny teardrop escapes your eye. You wipe it and it brings a smile to your lips. It just happens. If you ask the reason, nobody can tell precisely.

It’s utterly foolish to call crying a sign of weakness. When we shed tears, we free ourselves from the clutches of the thing that makes us sad.
And in those few fragile seconds, we are liberated

Here is a tune I want you to listen. Sit back, close your eyes (if no one is watching) and listen closely.

It’s a wonder how an instrument could convey the feelings of its player so accurately. Let me know what you felt. Enjoy.


10 thoughts on “It escapes the corner of your eye

  1. The world best tune(and anime too)!! Loved it from the day first heard. Soothes your soul.
    Am totally lost in a different world every time the music falls on my ears!

  2. Absolutely true. Crying makes you feel liberated. You grandpa was right that by not crying we put pressure on our heart. Crying is not at all a weakness.

    I admit that I do cry when I remember something very emotional.

    PS: How could I miss this post!

  3. I was too much concerned abt why I cry at silly matters… haha…
    I hav read a couple of ur blogs…continue writing blogs…all the best to u…

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