Jack of All Trades, But Master of None

All-rounders are the people who are immensely popular in school and college life. I, having experienced the recognition in school for doing curricular and co-curricular activities all at once and doing just considerably good in all that I did.

But I soon realized the fact that, you can’t be doing everything, pleasing everyone around you and simultaneously ‘excelling’ at all of it!

Multi-tasking also has its own pitfalls.

If you watch closely, people who have achieved exceptional feats have never been all-rounders (Except Leonardo da Vinci, from all that I’ve read till now)

And I remember getting involved in countless arguments with people about this issue.They say, one cannot survive if one doesn’t keep a multi-faceted personality. One has to prove time and again that he/she is good at 15 different things.

I say, true.

But, the things have to be related in some way! You can’t sing like a legend, be world class in carpentry, dance like the jabbawockeez while cooking the best food, getting top grades in mathematics & geography and be the captain of the national hockey team while dreaming of building bridges.

We are not super-human!

I think doing what I know best and trying to outshine in what I like most is what makes me happy.

It’s time people stop over-estimating the whole all-rounder thing! It annoys me.


11 thoughts on “Jack of All Trades, But Master of None

  1. I agree to some extent, you see some people are born with a carisma they can handle all these things .. while a few like me have to work hard and still not gain anything.

    in todays modern day you have to be good in a few things to make it work, thats my thought but then I am mostly wrong …

    though as you say no one can be good at everything or outshine, you may in one or two but not all that i agree with you …

  2. Who else can u abt dat better then me..!!!i wud only say “things change wid tym..and even ppl…”

  3. @ Bikram & Biggie: I agree with you. That’s what my point is, we can be the best in 5 different things, but they have to be related in some way or the other.

  4. you don’t have to be ‘jack of all’.It’s rather better to learn what we know we can – it might someday be ‘master of few’ šŸ˜‰

  5. Mastering one thing itself is impossible !! because mastering of anything will be defined in its own way . TO what extent we learn we still have something to learn!!!

    and Jack of all I think its waste of time , learn few things stick to it and as you said keep them related. If you are good at few things of your interest its fine!!

    I think you are good at writing šŸ™‚ and I am not good at it. but Istill do šŸ˜‰

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