Donations for Admission suck big time!

I am annoyed by the increase in number of admissions through donations!

On an average, almost 40% of the students in every class secure their admission through donation.

Some people call it “Admission through Management” The names might be different, but the underline is: When you are giving donations you are eating the seats of hundreds of other students who scored way better than you in the entrance examinations.

It’s a shame that educational institutions accept donations; not just at the collegiate level, but also in the primary schools. It’s as if they are selling education.

I initially thought that, due the whole reservation system, may be the colleges don’t get enough funds from the meager amount of fees they receive from the open categories. But, I soon realized that the Government supplies the complete fee of every student in other categories. So, the college doesn’t bear any problem of financial scarcity.

This puts a BIG question mark as to why then do these colleges take Donations? Is it Legal in private institutions? (I have no clue.)

They show on paper that they offer 60 seats for a particular branch. And in-take is of about 90 students. All entered mostly after giving a handsome amount of donations.

It is becoming a trend. A thing to boast about among students. (I am SHOCKED!) Students coming through management/donations think that they have “bought” the college, they are never scared of the lecturers and never hesitate to mention that they came in through donations.

What the Heck!

For all the students, who are about to take admissions, don’t you understand that if you didn’t get a straight admission through the prescribed procedure, there are only 2 reasons for that:

1) You DO NOT belong to that place/ You don’t deserve to be there.

2)  There must be some other place that’s just right for you.

I pity the students who take pride in their parent being able to pay the additional bucks. You ruin your future. You ruin the society.

Get an education, damn it! How could you let some one buy it for you?


10 thoughts on “Donations for Admission suck big time!

  1. Completely true.
    I have seen numbers of students taking admission through donation/management quota. :angry:
    It’s really disgusting.
    Complete Dimag Kharab.

  2. i completely agree…
    its quite open that dey take hell lotta money…mostly in minority colleges..wer our constitution has given such colleges full ryt to keep as many seats as they want for der caste students….and mstly which ever candidate is gettin admission thro such reservations pay a lot…and dats truely insane of d parents who dnt even think dat dey r ruinin d canditure of most deserving candidate….
    and d ppl who come on open category hv to prove ourselves every now &then and fyt fot d seat werever v go!!!

  3. Yeah , I do agree it!
    Most of the people join in this category almost about 90 percent , just do their professional education just because to earn dowry or earn a degree!
    They are no use to the society or country!!
    Nice post!

  4. In my college (Priyadarshini), the approved intake is 60, the number actually admitted is 85. And in those 85 students only 15 students have been admitted through the centralised admission proc, the rest have given donations worth 1, 2, …lakhs.

    And all of them are proud that their parents have shelled out money to take admission. WTF!

  5. @Gaurav: I know. It’s the saddest story. In my College approved intake for CSE is 120, but actual count is around 165!

    The students who come through donations, are the least interested in being engineers. They are here to complete graduation (by hook or by crook!). It does not matter to them as to what they are becoming. They think “Kuch ban na hi hai to chalo Engineer ban jaate hai!”

    It all sucks.

  6. Hey ankita…
    i agree wid ur views…. but i wud be more happy if cud drop some words from ur pen oops.. ur keypad against reservation i.e. the quota seats as i personally believe that both this problems are connected big time…

  7. Nod to all the points that you have mentioned. Today, everybody has got a hell lot of money and they don’t feel anything to give the donation amount to let their ward get any educational qualification.
    Its simply ridiculous!

  8. This year in Gujarat, There are more than 20 New Engineering colleges and they are also giving admission based on the donation !

    Now a days Engineering college becomes a very well business with full profit !

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