Are Zodiac Sign Characteristics true?

I was recently on a Train Journey for my Japanese Language Exam. While returning, we had a discussion on each other’s Zodiac Signs. We randomly guessed each other’s Zodiac Signs based on popular knowledge of peculiar characteristics of particular Zodiac Signs. And shockingly, most of our guesses turned out correct!
First of all Some Knowledge Sharing:

Zodiac is an imaginary belt in the sky extending some 8 on either side of the ecliptic, the apparent annual path of the sun among the stars. The moon and the planets (with the exception of Pluto) appear to follow paths within this belt. The zodiac is evenly divided into 12 areas, or signs, which play an important role in astrology. The names of which I don’t need to elaborate.

The signs of the zodiac are named after the constellations, or groups of stars, that lie along the zodiac as recorded by the ancient Greeks more than 2,000 years ago. (The word “zodiac” is from the Greek word for “animal,” a reference to the many constellations along the zodiac representing animals.)

Being in a somewhat intrigued mind state, I searched a little about Characteristics of my Zodiac Sign. It’s Pisces.
And I got the following features:

  • You are philosophical, restless and honest. You can go beyond your means to help people in need.
  • You are difficult to understand due to your innate ability to use emotional blackmail in order to get what you want. You must help yourself by developing your creative talents. You tend to play mind games with those that get close to you.
  • You are sentimental, affectionate and sensation-seeking when it comes to the heart. Your moods alternate to extremes, therefore it is difficult to get the same impression twice. You are a chameleon, you invariably change your mannerisms, imitating whoever you are in contact with. When alone, you are quite unique.
  • You are feminine, intuitive, responsive and sensual. You are drawn to the creative or occult subjects. You are empathetic to those who have problems, therefore you often get used.
  • You are also prone to tears and extremely good at using emotional blackmail. You will have a strong wish to go to foreign lands and visit beautiful places. You should live in the practical world and be less utopian if you want to be successful.

…and though not all, but maximum points mentioned there are really some of the traits of my personality. (I know that they are very generalized and could match with any universal personality. But still…)

It’s still hard to believe that all the Female Piscians would have some what similar characteristics. Come on, it’s a BIG world!

So, do you believe in this or think that it’s just another fluke?
Do you have any experience/knowledge about this?
Has this ever worked for you too? Please shoot at the comments.


8 thoughts on “Are Zodiac Sign Characteristics true?

  1. Couldn’t help laughing while reading the features:
    “You are a chameleon, you invariably change your mannerisms.
    Extremely good at using emotional blackmail.” :p

    Well, in my opinion, features/behavior of any individual matches his/her zodiac sign to some extent. This cannot totally make us agree that whatever the signs say is true, because you’ll see that any person having any zodiac have some features of that zodiac, but hardly all.

    Did you know there is one more i.e. the thirteenth zodiac sign named ‘Ophiuchus’ but it was never added to the astrological chart!

  2. nice article…zodiac signs..basically classified into sun sign and the moon sign..what we people must believe is the moon sign…and rightly so moon sign gives more accurate bt not precise and peculiar characteristics of the individuals personality.And the reason being moon revolves around the earth and completes its one revolution daily and thus while doing so it changes its position everyday.And it changes its position by 30deg approx…and thus b doin so moon crosses over to next zodiac sign from the one in which it was earlier…thus wen a chlid is born,v look at his birthtime; v see in which zodiac sign was d moon present at that point of time…and that particular sign is the zodiac moon sign of that child….
    Its not necessary that a person of particular zodiac sign should hav the same chara of the sign…it depends on the constellations involved in that sign…

  3. Hey ,whatever u have written is really true.Even my Zodiac sign is Pisces and most of the points written here ,truly defines my personality.:)

  4. I believe in the zodiac signs πŸ™‚ I read my day’s horoscope every morning ( Though I forget what was written within half an hour) πŸ˜›

  5. @Enigma: I couldn’t help laughing too & Thanks for throwing light on Ophiuchus.

    @Biggie: Yes. It is generic. The post intended pun.

  6. What you have written is very much true.
    My Zodiac sign is Leo and many points written in most of the magazines can not define my personality.

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