Working in Groups or Going Solo?

It’s very difficult for me to answer this question.

When we work alone, there are not 5 other heads…

  • to access your work
  • to add their useless and unnecessary suggestions
  • to disturb you
  • to bother you with their ego problems

So, that makes it sound like ‘Working alone’ is a superb idea after all. And if you sit back and recall the stories of all the successful people with great achievements in their life, they appear to be lone achievers.

And trust me, if you get rid of all the things I mentioned above, you have surpassed 70%  hurdles of your job.

While the other side of the story is:

When you work solo, there  isn’t anyone around to pat your back occasionally, to share the concerns, to  cheer in small accomplishments, to delegate your work (to someone who could be better at it), to rely on when you feel like taking a break.

It’s just the same topic where all goodies don’t come in a single package. I am unable to decide. Which one weighs more? Any suggestions people?

9 thoughts on “Working in Groups or Going Solo?

  1. Been watching FIFA from a few days and the same question popped up in my mind. Just the field was different. I was wondering what is much better; playing individually or in/with a team.
    I prefer team work rather than working individually. That doesn’t mean I am against ‘working alone’ people. I completely respect them and their courage to take up the challenge of doing something wonderful all by themselves.

  2. hope u knw steve jobs…!!do u??he was d d lone starter of apple company….he lone stood against d bunch of ppl who started c nw..his efforts made apple d king of computer technology…..and if u knw apple technology is d best in d world..no1 can ever match dem…nw dey hv enterted into mobile sector…launched an iphone recently…dey wash nokia out of d market in few yrs tym….

    sangaychi goshta ashi ki…its upto u..u decide,u plan out d things systematically…work upon it….and u wud get wat u desire for…..ofcourse ones u start workin for a motive sm of d ppl wud support u….sm may nt…bt wat u hv to look is clearly at ur goal….

  3. Hello Shreyas and Welcome to the Blog.
    I know everything about Apple, Google, Virgin, Microsoft, Dell and the war among these Legends.
    I have read books about the Life of the Creators of the Gigantic Market Leaders.

    P.S: It would be great if you avoid use of sms language in the comments.

    P.P.S: Only goats don’t know about Steve Jobs!

  4. What you mentioned is true. I guess, working out solo depends on your capability and that with the group depends on the companions you are going to work with.

  5. oh! you have said both the things with valid examples!
    But I would say if you work with different kind of people , I mean with who you couldnt adjust then that will be as good as hell.
    But if you work with like minded people then you can create miracles!!
    Infosys is not made by Narayana Murthy alone , there are few other people involved right from the start correct?
    So in order to get that success there should be respect and trust between everyone! and mind it No EGO please!

  6. I used to work in group, and its totally depend on how’s your group members !!

    “to bother you with their ego problems” this is the main probem when working in group i realize this thing in our College sport week management.

  7. @Shreyas Namjoshi –

    Apple was started by Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak. Steve Wozniak was the ‘real hero’ behind Apple’s computers. He stays away from the media.

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