Busy people have time for everything!

The title sounds like an irony. But it is a fact.

We all know a bunch of people who are never much interested, who won’t pick up calls, who will not reply to messages, who wouldn’t be on time anywhere or who are unavailable/unenthusiastic most of the times.

I think these kind of people are pretenders. Lost in their mediocre worlds, these people are “oh-please-don’t-disturb” or “I-don’t-have-time-for-other” types.

While in much contradiction to that, people who are really busy and engaged in multiple activities at a time, happen to have time even for all the little things in the world. Busy people will schedule things, fix appointments, return important as well as personal calls, attend social gatherings, play musical instruments, watch sports, give advice, be present on time and still won’t say “NO” for new opportunities & engagements.

It’s somehow awe inspiring to me.

This post is a result of a lot of observation & analysis of different kind of people over the last few months.
Lastly, I am newly experiencing the fast, active and busy life.
It’s really fun to be engaged in some interesting work all the time. While I still have time for more.

Pa ra pa pa ra… I’m  loving it!


13 thoughts on “Busy people have time for everything!

  1. Hey ,whatever you have written in the post is really true.Some people do a bit of work and they just feel that they are the one who are most busy in this world and some even try to avoid their friends and relatives .That how some people are.

  2. Nice post again. Whatever written is completely true. 🙂
    I am also now enjoying busy life, but still have time for meetings of friends.. 🙂
    I wonder, how can people say – ‘Sorry yaar, I don’t have time’. Well yes, few times it can be possible. There are always few exceptions. But few people just pretend they are ‘SO’ busy in life, but in reality, they just sit at their own place and wasting time in ‘nothing’

  3. I know it is free. But sadly, we share the theme 🙂

    And reading your blog makes me believe that you are very much like your brother. No wonder 🙂

  4. Well, yes. I noticed that. I am an irregular reader of your blog since a long time. 🙂

    Barring the age, we find very less things uncommon among us. 😉
    Thanks for visiting. 🙂

  5. Well thats good. You are doing great with the editorial activities on CE. The earlier editor (me) was pathetic 😛

    Good work. Keep it up. And this new theme looks awesome.

  6. Thanks a lot. It’s all in house.. 😉

    And don’t say that you were pathetic, you were the one who came forward and helped in the initial days.. No one can forget that.

    This was my theme for a lot of time before changing to the theme that I shared with many people (including you)

    I should stick to green I guess. 😀

  7. ya..dats pretty true…v all knw dis..bt hardly ne1 till nw has taken initiative to write on dis..(atleast amongst d frnds i wud say..)
    i m vexed by such things many tyms..bt cant help it…wat u can do is ignore it!!the best way to live is bt not xpectin nethin frm ne1..though u can always live upto others xpectations…

  8. Good post!
    And.. I say everytime that I am not busy if some one ask me about busy life!!
    @Mayur: Ankita is correct , you were not pathetic you are awesome 🙂
    And Ankita is rocking anyway 🙂

  9. I also saw some people saying i am busy please call me later. Even they are doing nothing at that time. 🙂

    Mayurbhai was best at CE-editor and Ankita is also doing great!

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