The Death of the Common Man

I have so many nice & enthusiastic people around me.
People who think about civic sense,
People who care about Environment and do small efforts to improve it, People who are patriots and can’t hear a word against their nation, People who believe in strong & good values,
People who can’t stand violence,
People who want a better economy and
People who wish for the overall well being of our society, our nation, our world!

But, all these people come under a single title “The Common Man”. This title is the identity of these people.

The thoughts in the minds of these people preserve “whatever good that is left” in the society… But at the same time the common man is incapable of making significant changes that can get reflected OR can’t make changes at the mass level that could get sufficient recognition.

And it’s very disheartening to say that the People sitting up there with Industrial and Political Powers don’t have the heart of the Common Man. I think in the process of attaining their current height, they lost the lust in their heart. They’ve lost the hunger for betterment.
They are selfish to the extent they lose the power to think the circumstances of their acts.
In short, they don’t really care about us!

It’s the Common man who feels, who cares and who struggles & strives. The one who believes and is ready to sacrifice is only the “Aam Aadmi” or what we call the “mango people”.

Nobody listens to the plights and pleas of the people. And all the goodness, honesty, righteousness dies with the Death of every Common Man.


7 thoughts on “The Death of the Common Man

  1. It’s because you yourself are so nice hence, you are surrounded by nice people. Birds of same feather flock together. 🙂
    Why change the theme again?

  2. The title aptly describes the current status of the ordinary people who make the try to improve the conditions where we live in. But unfortunately nobody is there to listen to their voice.
    Anyway, Good Post. 🙂

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