Religious Fanaticism

I have recently understood the meaning of the term written above in it’s true sense. Incidentally, that was a topic for a debate competition in my school 5 years back in which my friend had participated.
The revelation of that term’s meaning to me has brought me more of a shock feeling instead of a sense of understanding.

Dictionary says a Fanatic is a person marked or motivated by an extreme, unreasoning enthusiasm, as for a cause.

People are Fanatics. That is for sure. People get motivated (read deviated) instantly by others beliefs and way of living. Inspired or Under-pressure they follow things with eyes shut and ears shunned.

First and Foremost, I am not an Atheist. At the same time, I never confront people who disagree with the presence of God. (They exercise their right to opinions, and gladly they do so. No complaints about that.)
I just have an easy question to all who fold their hands or bow their head before God only because it’s a part of routine or people told you to do it…

Should there not be a logical reason for every act of yours that you do in the name of God?
If your answer is yes, don’t you think things like :

  • Climbing 500 steps of a temple barefoot.
  • Killing animals as a part of offering to God.
  • Taking huge donations for building temples when the temples are full of litter spread around.
  • Chanting prayers 4 times a day with 0% attention towards the words you are reciting.

…. are not at all justified?

Above all, people who ask for the reason in these doings are thought of as atheists and always looked down upon. There is a thin line of difference between Religious Worship and Religious Fanaticism.

Doing extreme things in the name of God is totally not justified.

On a very personal note:

I believe in the existence of some Supreme Power that makes the world work, that makes the world as it looks to us, that something which has been there in the world all along even when the Universe did not exist.

I bow to that Supreme Power, believing in the motto :



7 thoughts on “Religious Fanaticism

  1. Nice post šŸ™‚

    PS: Religious Fanaticism and belief in God are not exactly the same things though related

  2. What else is there to say when people slaughter their own kind in the name of religion? No religion teaches to do wrong deeds. The holy books of every religion also convey us the same message.
    Even so, the Religious Fanatics do what they wish in the name of religion.

  3. @Sapna:

    True. Religious Fanaticism and belief in God are two things poles apart.
    I sometimes think that people become fanatics because they have nothing else better on their mind.

  4. I believe there is a Supreme Power, and it is present in Nature: the Water, the Sun, the Moon, The earth, The Trees, The Stars etc.

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