Irreparable loss

I just got a call from a school friend informing about a really bad news. The shock – the blow that I’ve got is massive.
One of our friends has lost her mother today morning.
I cannot muster enough courage to call that friend and console her… at least not right now.

Nature is cruel to so many good people. It’s heart-wrecking!

It is true that things can get as bad as they possibly could and

we have to face them really strongly, no matter what.
But Losses of this kind are totally IRREPARABLE.

We’ve to learn to live with it.

.…A note to all you, my readers out there:
Your Good Health and Lively Presence is of utmost importance to people near to you.
Live in the moment and make sure that your family and friends take good care of themselves.


One thought on “Irreparable loss

  1. ya..losses r irreparable..dats true…i hv seen many things wen i was in mumbai….mumbai local blast,26/11……r still fresh in ma minds….i thank god for being der wid ma family…for savin us…and vl just pray for others safety..coz derz nthin important than v live it only ones….

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