Do a random act of kindness

For the people who lead a care-free life and live their day as it comes, every morning is new.
We have silly moments, funny moments, amazing yet astonishing moments. We have revealing or hiding moments.
And every next moment full of surprises.

Amidst the hotch-potch of this routine, sometimes we feel lost as to what we are doing and what is happening with us, surrounding us.
In such moments, to regain the best of ourselves I would say DO A RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS.
I read this line many years back in Twinkle Star* – the magazine for children that comes every Saturday with the local newspaper. And that line has stuck in my mind ever since.

There are these simple things that spread smiles all around. For example,

  • Compliment others for no special reason. Just speak out in words why you find them nice for the things they do.
  • We all love our parents & siblings. But, some never show it. Write a card, sing a song, do something exclusively for ‘them’ once in a while.
  • Drop a friend or an acquaintance to a place they want to go, even though it’s a little out of the way for you.
  • Be first one to talk to the loners or the freshers in your class.
  • Let old grandpa or grandma behind you, go ahead in the queue before you.
  • Give a tight hug to your friend who is sad or depressed. Let them know that you are there, no matter what!
  • Don’t keep expecting from others to keep in touch. Call your distant relatives and friends and inquire about their well-being.
  • Pay the little extra penny for a stranger who you can see is in trouble because of less money.
  • Run to the rescue of the person who has suffered a traffic accident, instead of being just an on-looker.
  • Help your mate in studies or any other time consuming activity, while not expecting them to do anything in return for you.
  • Don’t forget to say “Thank you” or “It won’t have been possible without you.” for even small things people did for you.
  • Tell some inspiring stories or motivating words to someone who is about to give up (not necessarily a friend)
  • Boost others’ confidence. Cheer up someone who is younger than you.

….the list can be endless. Think up of something really nice each day. Don’t think, “What will I get by doing this?”

There is enough hatred, disgust and unrest in world. It’s hard to believe that someone would help you randomly. Now-a-days all feel that people do things only for their own interest. Put a big slash against that thinking.


A small act of kindness done for others may not mean a big deal for you.
But it may be one of the *brightest memory* for that someone you did it to.

So go ahead. Make someone’s day special today! 🙂

P.S: My Personal Experience says: If you do a random nice act, each day you’ll sleep with a calm face and a pleasant smile on your face.


5 thoughts on “Do a random act of kindness

  1. Hey i really liked your post and specially those simple things which could make others happy i will be definitely trying it 🙂

  2. That was a great post! When you help anyone, you feel good inside thinking that you have made someone happy or sorted out his problem. That feeling gives you happiness.

  3. Superb post!

    All matter of PERSONAL PERCEPTION but following some simpler thing will surely benefit us.

    Loved the way you put it. 🙂

  4. Thats indeed a nice post! All the things that you have mentioned are really very simple and sorted and yes, you have put it in an excellent way! 😛

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