Those Awkwardly-Cowardly Moments

I take Japanese Language Lessons from a couple of years. I remember talking to my friend telling her that there are mostly girls who sincerely attend these classes and eventually pass the exam too.
But much to my disappointment, for my level of Exam, out of 10 people attending the class , 9 are Boys. And I am the only girl, totally cornered!

And though it’s a free society and a modern world, I don’t know why but everyone feels so Awkward!
The guys won’t occupy a seat beside me unless every other seat in class is preoccupied. While going up or down by Lift, everyone (including me) feels shy. No one talks by looking at each other. Everyone of them moves faster whenever they pass by me. Meh! :-/

I am unable to decide if it is just a awkward moment OR the result of my own or their cowardliness.

I have vivid memories of birthday parties when we we were in school. My friends’ moms used to cook delicious food.
And when we all began eating, if something tasted really good, I wanted to have it more.
But, when they came to serve more I used to politely refrain from taking it. And guess what, when they didn’t force me to take it I felt lost.

It was so cowardly of me!

If my friend judged by my expression that I may be wanting more, they used to shamelessly shout and say, “Aunty, She wants to have it more, but is feeling awkward.” THAT WAS SO SHABBY! This meant that I had to refuse again …and this time more sternly!
That was really an awkward moment to remember…
(Well, needless to say, Later I repeated the act of shouting targeting my other friends.. 😛 )

Another such incident is that of my Himalayan Camp.
We were around 25 girls in one room or 5-6 girls in one tent. I feel awkward to mention this, but I am incapable of putting new clothes amidst so many people!
I used to wait til everyone got dressed up and do it when everyone else had left.
The girls thought I was being SUCH A WIMP!

They didn’t know how awkward I felt.

Does it happen with everyone or am I being singled out?
Do share your moments here.

(I felt terribly awkward publishing this post.. DUH! 😦 )


7 thoughts on “Those Awkwardly-Cowardly Moments

  1. You cannot change how you feel(whether in ancient age or the modern world). It’s because of one’s nature that he/she behaves that way. Some are shy(people take that as attitude), some are too free to care.
    I don’t think you are the only one who feels this way.
    I have seen a single girl hanging out with a bunch of guys(nearly 8-10). As for me, that situation would have been awkward.
    So, you see it’s not a matter of being singled out. It’s ones perspective about certain things in world irrespective of the age(ancient age, modern age, whatever).

  2. What you say is true.
    But, why is it natural to feel awkward?
    Awkwardness makes us and others uneasy. Darn!

  3. Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!

  4. IT happens a lot with me .. no girl would sit with me .. they dont talk to me either 🙂

    Dont worry they r just shy..
    and eating thats SO ME.. i want more but have ot wait for someone to ask.. wont pick up myself ..

    dont know about changing clothes i have lived in a hostel so i dont feel shy or anything .. but end of the day its what you feel comfortable in.. so it shud not matter to anyone..

    I would not let someone change me …

  5. Stumbled upon this blog on an insomniac night lost wandering into the depths of Internet. Its so nice and refreshing to experience the pristine innocence of a teenager detached from the wide cruel world. Kinda reminds me of the lost glory of the days I lived for myself. I think I’ll be a regular on your blog simply to start seeing the world with a lighter heart.

    Changla vatla!!

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