Aap Ki Adalat – Swami Ramdev

Yoga guru Swami Ramdev has said that the next Lok Sabha elections will be a ‘mahasangram’ (great battle) between the forces of good and evil.

Asked about his agenda, the swami said, it would be based on anti-Westernisation, stress on Indianisation and holistic spiritual development, shunning religious bigotry. Baba Ramdev said, his party would try to bring trillions of rupees of black money stashed abroad and spend them on the poor and downtrodden.

The swami took potshots at Lalu Prasad, Nitin Gadkari and Mayawati.  He said: ‘I do not need certificates from politicians. Laluji is not my political adviser. I will do whatever is right in the national interest’.

Truth reflects in the way he speaks and he comes out as a calm person with strategic attitude and an intelligent mind. I liked this episode of Aap Ki Adalat a lot. Hence sharing it with you.

I don’t yet support any political parties, but this man has got that something, so I look forward to his work in near future.

Here is the second part:

Do let me know what you felt after watching it.


4 thoughts on “Aap Ki Adalat – Swami Ramdev

  1. Swami Ramdeobaba is great. I think he’s the one who can actually realize the 2020 dream. I’ve reserved my vote to his party.

  2. Well I beleive this may all be publicity stunt.. as such the moment someone gets into politics , i feel all good is lost.. Why does he need to get there.. End of the day he will be one of them …

    As such our nations politics is so bad.. now that he is making a party.. so all the looting will begin all over again.. at least all the laluu’s mayawati’s , are well fed they have taken wnough money..
    ab new party they will start from scratch …

    if you know whati mean 🙂

  3. @Bikram: I know what you mean. But there is a line of difference between Lalu-Mayawati and Baba Ramdev.

    Firstly, Very few (or none) Political Leaders today talk about bringing back the Black Money stored in the Swiss Bank. Well, they can’t; because their own treasures lie there.

    Secondly, I don’t know any leader other than Baba himself who wants to support Growth of Indian Industries and believes truly in Indian-ism in every part of life.

    Moreover, He not only talks about patriotism, he is a living legend who has proved time and again that our own Yog and Ayurved have great Healing powers.

    Lastly, take 90% of the country’s leading men and you can find a list of their background in Crime and Corruption. While, Baba Ramdev’s greatest asset will be his clean character and thinking of goodwill.

  4. Hey yeah 90% have records .. I am not saying about the BABA but he ALone cant do or run the party.. its not him i am worried of its the rest of the clan … Can you vouch for each in his party as him…

    Same as our Prime minister Manmohan singh he has a clean image no cases , he is educated VERY educated, he is intelligent .. but does it matter NO cause the rest of people around Majority are corrupt…

    SO thats y its difficult.

    My job that i do , I know the person i am talking to is a criminal , he has done wrong but i cant do anything cause of LAW or becuase of doing other checks that doesnot make me a corrupt person .. hence its not that simple..

    but i do wish him luck and maybe just maybe it might be the turning point for our country …

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