A Quick Rewind

I read loads of blogs.  Each one with it’s own color and flavor.
It’s around 2 and a half year since I started blogging.
Today, I took some time to read all the Junk I had posted on my blog for such a long time.
It’s amusing how the blog reflects the times when I had written those posts. How I thought and what I felt. I could practically live those moments once again. Starting from Feb 2008, the blogging journey has been a exciting experience..

Here are the few ones I considered to be the outstanders 😉

Posts that show I am a ‘confusion-mascot’ :
Confusion Surrounds and grips me hard
Dilemma in those Group Discussions
Choose ya lose. Both are tough.

Posts that describe me:
Am I living in a credit co-operative society?
That lowly feeling…
My incompatibility with Shopping

Posts that are a result of anguish:
Should I call them My Gurus?
Dumbest Staff at my college
High on Profile. Low on Attitude.
Certified Fools-The saga continues
Life full of setting
Kids annoy me

Posts which were Fun and creative:
45 Minutes in Operation Theatre
Chimp the Champ
My newfound Interest
Biting the nails till they come off
Pagalpanti bhi zaruri hai
What do you do when people accuse you?
Beautiful snaps

Posts that were most read:
Notions about or against Girls

Blogging is a world of dreams to me. 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Quick Rewind

  1. Hey cool look! I went through this theme while you know when.
    Needless to say all your posts are super duper. I think I’ve told you before that you have improved over the time in lot many ways(of course for the better).
    Long live your blog! 🙂

  2. Hey the new theme is awesome yaar and all the posts written by u has
    its own importance

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