There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch

Everything comes with a price tag attached. It is impossible to get something for nothing.

The “free lunch” referred to in the title relates back to the once-common tradition of saloons in the United States providing a “free” lunch to patrons who had purchased at least one drink.

I wonder how apt that phrase is. Don’t we see people who want to be or want to have something, but their efforts are what we can call “almost negligible”?

Have we ever thought that when we are not getting what we want, we may not be trying enough or our attempts have some short-comings or perhaps the sweat dripping from the brow is due to hyper-worrying and not due to required efforts?

Whenever we see the ads in magazines or hoardings about Something free on Something, notice the ” * ” in the superscript, which is described in the bottom as Conditions apply*. (Well, it’s a tested and proven marketing technique which has been going around for years. But, it’s directly fooling the customers)

I have realized this after much pondering. We want everything for free. We want to be rich, but like in a fairy tale where we find treasures along the road. We want to be recognized for good work, but some miracles should happen. We want to get good marks, but who will study? We feel sleepy at the sight of books. The fat have to become slim and the slim have to go fat. But cheese burgers cannot be resisted and gyms are a nightmare.

Something is wrong here. Who will pay the price if not you? Isn’t it?

It is impossible to get something without investing nothing. It’s a basic nature’s law. If we invest the 24hours we have; trying to get our ‘that something’ we don’t have, nothing on earth is beyond reach.

So folks, There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. If someone argues on that statement, that someone is definitely born with a gold spoon in his/her mouth.

For other commoners like you and I, lets tie our shoelaces and start going that extra mile everyday.

P.S. : It’s summer and everybody is watching movies. But, sadly nobody is paying for them. All are downloading them or buying pirated CDs. It’s complete injustice to the people who make movies. But, who is willing to pay the price?

and yeah,
The only thing as such which is a free lunch is Freeware. They are absolutely free.  😛


3 thoughts on “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch

  1. You hit the nail on the head girl! But yes, it’s high time we realize what we want and work for that. 🙂

  2. Well the last line.. freeware.. technically that too is not free cause you are paying for your NET connection to get it ..

    but well said .. the small print is always there.. Nice blog you got ..

  3. If there is one thing that I have believed in all my life it is “There ain’t no free lunch”.

    But not everybody thinks so. That is why lottery sells and Gambling exists. Wish people could understand the simple fact!!!

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