Save Mother Nature

Today morning, I was shuffling through the pages of my notebook. And on the last page I found some lines scribbled.

There was a competition in a company about a poem on “Mother Nature” last December. I was on a train journey and was getting really bored. So, I tried to write something to while my time away.

The poem didn’t make it as a entry to the competition for some reasons. So, I forgot that I had written it.

Here is my ‘that’ small try..

Irritated and having tolerated enough, The Nature is in the mood of revenge.
To teach mankind a lesson, she has begun with a climate change.

With ice melting rapidly and sea levels moving up;
She silently views the people repent.
When you look out and predict that it should be a clear blue sky;
Hovering dark clouds she has already sent.
Though Nature’s tolerance has for long been tested,
She is furious but only wants to give people a shock-treatment.

Quakes, floods and cyclones everywhere. She is immensely pained.
But, with a belief in a bright future, She has her tears drained.
She wants people to understand and take immediate steps.
But all she gets is unheard slogans and demonstrations lost in vain.

It is Mother Nature’s nature to teach by experience.
She wants us to channelize our efforts and make required advancement in science.
So, listen to your conscience. Kill the hindrance and Use some brilliance.
It’s time we no more test the Mother Nature’s patience.


“If we take the chances..
That change circumstances
Imagine all we can do.”

P.S. : Feeling are important. Not rhymes* πŸ˜›


7 thoughts on “Save Mother Nature

  1. Hey nice one! But yes, the weather from the past few months is really unpredictable. Everyone is aware of that but no one (except for a certain few) have yet taken any measures to protect our mother earth.

  2. Really a good one yaar.. People jst keep telling that what we need is awareness to bring abt some change,bt hey who doesnt know the facts today the present changes in our environment are enough to shake us all frm our blissful ignorance,what we need is some ACTION,AND NEEDLESS TO MENTION BY EACH AND EVERYONE OF US…

  3. Hey that was superb poem you wrote for me. yes, it was not made it to the competition because of some reasons but i know if it was up, it would have been really won the competition.
    I dont know about the other entries as i was not able to follow up with office during that time, but really this is the best poem i ever read/heard in such short time of period.
    Girl you know, you made it in few hours i guess, right?

    Anyway.. This poem is stupendo fantabulously fantastic, a chumenshwori poem. Love it πŸ™‚

  4. Thanks a lot for all your comments and appreciation. πŸ™‚

    @ Radhika: As you liked it. I feel like saying, Kya Baat…Kya Baat..
    Kya Baat!


  5. its a good poem…smthing to think abt… humans r just xploiting wateva dey get(specially for free)…and humans dnt even care dat its hurtin smbody which might just b a nonliving thing acc to dese selfish humans

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