Sophistication and I don’t go hand in hand

It’s a word synonymous with style, standard of living or “classiness”.
But, somehow I am unable to relate to the term.
May be it’s my simple upbringing or the place where I live (we all are middle class… and happily so!). May be it’s neither of that two and it’s just all in my mind.

But, I am unfit in all the following arenas…

•    Not eating with our own hands.
•    Being dressed “just right” at any moment; be it any event, festival, party or hang-out.
•    Being Smooth (not just fluent) in English 24 hours. Even at your home. (I mean let’s not forget that we’ve got an alternative language ….our mother tongue!)

And this one is rather new to me:

•    Being able to handle new sophisticated goods (like electronic gadgets) and other things with sheer ease.

There are more things that I encounter daily, but am not able to remember any right now.  (- This is the “post-exam-memory-loss-syndrome” from which I will get off pretty soon )

But, the point I am trying to make here is, Eating with own hands feels good and talking in my native language makes me feel proud.
I have so many things on my mind that I am sometimes gloomily dressed or I wear un-ironed clothes because it’s just not topping the charts of my priority list.

And yeah, I am surely in the Good-with-Gadgets kind; it’s just that I have to be with it for some time.

Now one thing; most importantly, I love class.
Sophistication has been appealing to me since kidhood.
But, for me Elegance, Élan and Grace are the things I associate with sophistication (which is kind of very RARE commodity) and physically absent in me.

May be I will gather some of those qualities with passing time.
Till then, Adios!

P.S: How do some people eat the roasted corn (Butta) without that stuff sticking around your mouth?
To me, that is technically impossible!


7 thoughts on “Sophistication and I don’t go hand in hand

  1. Main Apna Farz Samaz Kar Tumhe Kuch Karne Ko Keh Raha Hun..

    Tuze Aisa Karna Hai Toh Kar …warna ..TEL LENE JAA!

    Jindagi Yeh Chhoti Hai Puri Wasool Kar…
    Duniya Ki Chhod, Kar Khud Ki Fikr.
    Jara Si Bhi Buddhi Abhi Baki Ho Agar,
    Ye Salaah Maan Meri Kuch Soche Bagair …

    Aish Tu Kar Yar Aaish to kar… Duniya Jai Tel Lene Aish Tu Kar

    PS: Want more advice?

  2. @Gaurav : Well, then we have lot many things in common.

    @ Devang Bhai : Thanks.

    And as a matter of fact, it’s a motto …
    Duniya jaae tel lene…aish tu kar! 🙂
    I love that song!

  3. Hey enigma no matter if u are not finding yourself in the highly sophisticated world u are just best so be as u are 🙂 🙂

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