Not without your consent

If your nature resembles to mine, I am sure you must have encountered a situation where someone or something hurts you or makes you feel down/inferior.

Have you heard the popular quote by Roosevelt?
It is: “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
And I think it is true.
I would rather say put a few slashes after the word inferior in it and make the sentence:
“Nobody can make you feel inferior/unworthy/useless/dumb/incompetent without your consent.”

But, it happens so that unknowingly within our conscience we are constantly comparing ourselves to others and in this process we evaluate our self based on others’ achievements or success.
To elaborate my point, I give you an example. Suppose, I do really well in some competition/exam/circumstance and I am proud of myself for exploring a new area of interest or ability in me. Next day, somebody tells me that someone younger than me did exceptionally well in that particular field.
The mere remark by that ‘somebody’ is enough to make me feel dumb and stupid about being proud of myself.
That’s the end of my example.

But, if I sit and think about this particular situation or situations of the same kind, I realize that neither the person who told it to me OR the person who did (exceptionally) well OR just the fact that someone was better ; was in any way responsible for making me feel inferior.
It was my own thoughts that made me think that way.

It is a fact that people or things can hurt you only if you let them do it to you.
And (most of the) people are idiots. Their course of words and actions are unworthy of hurting us.

Nobody can tell us, that we are incapable or “not-good-enough” or substandard without our mind approving it.
Imagine if someone says to you, “You’re a fool.” That definitely doesn’t make you a fool; unless your brain approves of it. 😛

So remember, never say he/she did this to me. Never blame others saying, “You made me feel…….(whatever)”
Nobody can do it to you, without your consent.


2 thoughts on “Not without your consent

  1. read d novel-“the ultimate power”…wat u wrote is absolutely correct…d ultimate power is ur brain…wat command u give it to ur vl function accordingly…

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