Living a life of principles

Dombivali Fast is a marathi movie which revolves around the life of a middle class man – Madhav Apte (played by Sandeep Kulkarni) who is a pretty stubborn man and has a very “No compromising on my principles” attitude. He sees the rampant corruption around him, the apathy of people and how everyone is completely nonchalant. Every time he tries to do something, he is stopped by one of his friends or colleagues. He’s taunted by his wife, friends and neighbors on his uncompromising attitude, and how the real world does not work that way. Finally, one day, he flips – the constant taunts and the drudgery of his everyday routine playing a major part in it. What happens next is what the movie is all about.

These are the few lines from the movie :

“Chitra. Maati war shenani sarvun, tya war rangoli. Chitra asa hota.
Ata tithe dambar takun suru zala ahe sagla.

Havvyas jadla. Adhik jasticha havvyas.
Angan waavar purena, mag nokri, dhande suru zaale. Nokrit pagaar puurena. Dhandyat nafaa purena. Mag to milavna suru zala. Pagaar wadhi sathi sampa, morche… Nafa wadhavnya sathi khote pana…chiri-miri…chori!

Shewaala wadhatach gela. Daldalit fasat gela saala.

Adhi Pustaka lihaycho, chitra kadhaycho. Pan mag paise havet. Sthirata mhanun banket. B.Com. paryanta yeodha shiklo, yeodha wachla, pan pudhe kaay tar leisure bhara, paripatrake liha…
Jevdha nahaylo adhi, tevdhaach korda hot gelo. Themb suddha urla nahi olavyacha, dakhvayla suddha.

Eka reshet ubhe raha, eka reshet liha! Eka damaat padvi milva, eka varshat kaayam vha! Eka ichche sathi lagna kara. Aani ti duheri karnya sathi mula janmala ghala. Ek ek karun anek goshti kara… Aani mag ekda MARAA!

Mhanje eka kadun eki kade, ekta yaaycha, ekta jaaycha. Aani madhe saala ha jeevghena prawaas.

Are saala, mag ha prawaas saral nako ka? Manaa sarkha nako ka?
Are, tharavla aahe na saglyani ki niyam karayche, paalayche, mag modaaychi ghaai ka?
Saglyani milun khaaycha ki saglyancha aapanch khaaycha?
Tharava ki shista nako! Mag wha! Beshista wha!
Laaj sodaychi tar mag saglyannich soda. Ektyanech kashala?
“Jaga ani jagu dya” ha jar niyam nako asel, tar mag saglyani milun tharaav kara aani mhana, Ki “Maru aani maaruya”, Saglyana maaru, sampvun takuya sagla.
Aani sangu tya vidhatyala, Nahi aavadla amhala tuza khel!
I undersigned, Madhav Apte, making this declaration that due to my own philosophies, I am not eligible to live on this planet. So please take away my services. And I don’t expect any payment from you. In fact I would like to pay all the dues of my account. And I am enclosing my body, my soul in that, with this declaration. So please accept this and relieve me at the earliest!”

…..these lines are just the part of the story.

Included them here, because those words are the exact thoughts that can express my frustration over viewing the corrupt state of the society.

Why has it become so hard for a man lead a good life of principles and values?

P.S. : If you haven’t yet watched this movie, you are definitely missing something out there.


4 thoughts on “Living a life of principles

  1. ya i would really like to watch this movie .I liked the dialogs …Ek ek karun anek goshti kara… Aani mag ekda MARAA!.. 🙂

  2. Well, putting word to word translation won’t be possible.

    To summarize it, I would say it means…

    From the day we are born, we do things in sequence out of peer pressure…study, get a job, get settled…and then one day die! A monotonous way from birth to death.

    And in the midst of going through all this, we don’t even look if we are doing things of our choice, of our liking/interest…

    The protagonist of the film mentioned; says, “If all of us have decided to make certain “rules” for doing things, why don’t we follow them? Why are we in such a haste to break them and live in an illegal and corrupt society?”

    At the end he says, if in today’s world, Life can only be lead in “this” way….God…I no more wish to live.

  3. Thank you. The way I see it, we all have a choice and if we stick to it and have faith in ourselves then no pressure from anyone can sway our decision.

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