www.CrazyEngineers.com – It’s different

An Engineer is a person who can single-handedly deal with the 4 Ms:
Material, Machine, Money and Men.

And when the ultimate “creators” of everything beyond nature aka Engineers unite, they are sure to make a BIG difference in the society. That’s the aim of CrazyEngineers (CE).

It is the single largest community of Engineers from different trades coming from all possible corners of the world.

CrazyEngineers is a rapidly growing network.
In there, the members interact, share, discuss ideas and most importantly help other Engineers solve their technical as well as non-technical problems.

It’s been 4 years since CrazyEngineers was started. It has grown along the way with great leaps and bounds.

People at CE are passionate and innovative.
When a bunch of good people sit and discuss, something interesting surely comes out. Imagine what happens when a large sum of Engineers get together to jam, push, shove and jostle the muscles of their brains…Something MAGNIFICENT is bound to be the output.

That is the potential of CE.

As it has been frequently said on CE, Engineering is about a passion. It’s not about a formal degree in your hands. It’s an attitude anyone passionate about engineering can carry.

I had read a line quoted by Albert Einstein…
“Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been.”

And after joining CrazyEngineers, I have started worshiping engineering

and believing in an Engineer’s power to develop and lead the world.

At CE, all are bound to a common motive. The time spent on CE is always worthwhile and you always log out of there feeling good and more informed. I love CE.

And I am a proud CrazyEngineer!

Check out CrazyEngineers @

www.crazyengineers.com &



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