Some lines…


I hate.
I think are disgusting.
I dislike, distrust, loathe or detest.

  • Those of you who think you know everything, are annoying those of us who do.

  • You can thank your lucky stars, that everything I wish for will never come true.

  • Sometimes I need what only you can provide: Your Absence.

  • I feel so miserable thinking of you. It’s like having you here.

  • If you find it hard to laugh at yourself. I would be happy to do it for you.

  • I never forget a face. But in your case I will be glad to make an exception.

And know it that :

You are not as bad as people say.

You are much, much worse!

P.S: Don’t feel bad thinking that it could be you.

Instead, sit and imagine who might these people be. And pray that you never meet those kind.


3 thoughts on “Some lines…

  1. Thats really true yar , i just pray that u never get such people in
    future and if they r around just don’t worry iam with u 🙂 ha ha…

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