Right here is the place where I belong

Sometimes I just sit and wonder that, what if I had not been born in this place, not with these people or with this kind of surrounding.
How would’ve life been on the other side of the world?
But, you know what; I immediately brush off these thoughts.
Because, I love the way things are.

Had I been born somewhere else, probably life would’ve been a lot easier and comfortable. May be I would’ve got a lot more freedom. May be, I would’ve been surrounded by gadgets and technology advancing with every blink of eye.  May be, I would have seen a corruption-free society right from my birth. May be, the people would’ve been a lot more cool-er. May be, I wouldn’t have thought these thoughts, had I lived there.

But, it doesn’t feel tempting to me at all.

I am completely in love with the place where I live, it’s people and it’s surrounding.

Somehow, it just feels right to be where I am.
I guess this is the place to which I truly belong. 😉


2 thoughts on “Right here is the place where I belong

  1. Ah the song! Its so beautiful with that video. Of course you will feel great because you have such wonderful people (including me) around you. 🙂

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