The college went hysterical with paper planes!

Today was my unit test paper. We were jostling the books to have the last minute look. Some boys entered the room, saying paper-mass-bunk. Others shouted, “The test is suspended!”
We were bewildered. Not knowing what to do, we sat on our benches, waiting for the invigilator to say something.
And then began the shouting and screaming from the corridors…all in unison. The invigilator said, “Leave the class. No paper today!”
We left the classrooms clueless and thinking what must have happened!
But I secretly felt happy because I was bored at the thought of writing paper.

Then we soon found out. The whole surrounding of the college campus was filled with white paper planes. It was an amazing scene, I must say. There was commotion, fuss and the uproar everywhere. The corridors were jam-packed. There was no space to make a way-out. All were trying to go to the galleries, to get a view of the paper-planes!

We caught a senior to ask. She told, “Some 3-4 guys were making paper planes and throwing them randomly. Accidentally, the principal found out and scolded them. But shamelessly, they still continued.

So, she said. ‘If you have no importance of the exams, I better suspend them!’ ”

And a reaction to this news, all gathered in the corridors of all the floors and started flying more and more planes…the college campus looked as if it had a fresh snow fall.

It was fun. I realized that in such moments, the people “unite”.

And that is because the crowd didn’t know what it was doing! 😛
I guess, today’s cloudy weather and cool blowing breezes provoked many to do such fanatic things.

I wondered that how could they tear blank pages of notebooks?
It was bad they wasted so much of paper.
But as I narrated this story to a friend and added my concern about the wastage of paper, I got a reply,
Why worry? Equal amount of paper would have been wasted had we written on the answer sheets!

And I felt happy again.


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