The Sister-in-law is the Sister indeed

It’s only a month that she stayed in the house after her marriage. And then they (she and my brother) had to leave for job in some other city.
And believe me, it’s been heartbreaking…

There is a lot of prejudice when a new person is going to enter your home. We are worried, we think will she be all nice, will she like us, and will we like her…and what will happen and will everything change…….

But it wasn’t at all ‘that’ difficult. We’ve jelled along so well that others might think that we’ve known each other for ages.

All in one, she is the sweetest person I’ve met.
And the most beautiful too……both inside out.

(Actually, I also think she could knock out maximum Marathi and Hindi film actresses in looks.. :P)

I’ve a lot of cousins, but none who is like a “the elder sister”.

And, I guess now I’ve been blessed with one.

P.S: I want to screw all the idiotic hyper-family-drama TV Serials who arouse suspicion and provoke bad messages in society. Don’t listen to any of the crap shown there.

Love you sis.


16 thoughts on “The Sister-in-law is the Sister indeed

  1. OMG.
    “the elder sister”.
    This is Biggest compliment i ever got.
    Thank you tons for this.
    Love you.

  2. He he!! I know you miss her and your brother too a lot. I’ll pray that they both return to you soon.. And yes she’s indeed very beautiful. The most beautiful person I’ve ever met in my life..

  3. @ Sister-in-Law :
    Oh… I so wish that we all stay at one place forever 🙂

    A point I forgot to mention in the post,
    When a close friend asked me to mention the name of my 2009’s most influential/remarkable person….it took me a micro-second to say your name. 😀 Love you sis.

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