To be or not to be

The studies of my engineering subjects do not interest me.
Stories of small start-ups growing like wild-fire inspire me.

I am stuck somewhere between the two.

The subjects taught in college are out-dated and no-one knows if there is any chance of updating the curriculum in near future. The lecturers suck big time and no-body can tell us why we are being taught the things we are being taught.

I am awed by the BIG stories of the budding entrepreneurs. I feel like, dropping out of college and start something of my own.…to be my own boss.

I feel awful at my condition, when I am left at the mercy of horny lecturers for incomplete assignments (in which no two lines make sense) or poor attendance or embarrassing marks at the unit tests.

I feel amused when I read about 15-16 year olds managing their own enterprises in foreign countries.

I am disheartened by thinking about the fact that, the idea of dropping out of college is silly or impractical.
I mean, I know….. What will I be if I fail at doing something of my own, if I am not even a graduate?

Sitting in the classroom 2nd last bench, I dream about being a big Entrepreneur.
And back at home, I worry about the scoring good at the stupid sessionals.

“Life is a race. If you don’t run, you will be like the ‘Broken Anda’ ”
….these are the lines from the latest blockbuster ‘Three Idiots’

Those lines imply that we’ve to run towards our goals every day, every minute.
But, I feel lost and unfocused. And I find no activity I do in a day; even a step towards my goal. I think I’m losing precious time in my own race.

I keep thinking everyday about how the things I can do, or what I can do really well can be used for making my dreams come true.
But, I have been unable to find a sturdy-enough answer.

I don’t know what is this all going to lead into….

But I keep thinking. I am trying to make some constructive plans in my head and hoping about affirmative results.

…Want to come out of this mess soon.


8 thoughts on “To be or not to be

  1. I know how you feel, but i can’t do anything to make you feel better. Just to let you know i will be there whenever you want. And of course, you will definitely achieve whatever you dream of.

  2. I understand. Less knowledge and more worries. Worries about writing lengthy answers, results and completing manuals. Totally irritating.

    “I am trying to make some constructive plans in my head and hoping about affirmative results.” 🙂

    Great going. Keep me in mind while hiring anyone if in future I lead to nowhere 😀

  3. @ Enigma : Thanks. You are my backup support system

    @ Manashree: I will hire diploma holders only with 85% and more in their final year 😛
    (Just kidding, in future you can come and sit on my chair any time)

    @Gaurav: That’s great. I guess I found a like-minded fellow CEan here. 🙂

  4. i would like to share one Comment that i read somewhere about ‘3 idiots’

    ” Idiot banane ki baate sirf Kabel aur Successful log hi karte hai jo ki already idiot hote hai agar kisi aisi vayakti jiski Xamata nahi hai voh agar Rancho banane ki try karte hai to Akhir me voh Silencer bhi nahi ban pate hai… 3 Idiots is Movie”

  5. good to see(or rather read) some one having same thoughts as me 😀

    looks like we are in the same boat Ankita and Gaurav 🙂

    let’s see what the future holds for us :thumbsup:

  6. Great people planning o Entrepreneur ship..
    Post your problems in detail in CE such that our Big head can help you!!

    Well what I want to do ? I dont know yet!!

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