The wallpaper speaks for you

I hope, like me, you also notice peoples’ wallpapers when you look at their ON computer or cell-phones.
I do it quite frequently. And now after analyzing it many times I can say that the wallpaper speaks a lot about your personality, likes and dislikes.

I’ve noticed my friends putting slightly technical type pictures that have black backgrounds and strips (like wires) going on criss-cross throughout the screen.

I’ve seen many guys putting up their favorite heroine’s pictures; who stares back at you all the time.

There are a few girlies known to me, who would put pink flowers, pink icons and pink kitties on the display; 365 days a year.

Yet others are who put (what I call) ready-to-kill-dangerous-looking rock-stars from some popular band, who have messy hair and could pounce on you at any moment from inside the screen.

There are a few boring types, who haven’t bothered to change the default Windows/Linux wallpaper since the day they bought the computer.

I noticed some elderly people like my uncle and professors at college putting wallpapers with Quotes from famous people, or simple calendars coupled with digital time display.

…In short, ‘The Wallpaper’ says a lot about what you do with your computer and your life!

I put abstract images which have maximum times no meaning or my favorite cartoons, or cartoony backgrounds with vibrant colors.

Right now I have a terrific pose by the coolest known character:
Kung Fu Panda.

What do you have on the wallpaper right now?
Shoot at the comments.


7 thoughts on “The wallpaper speaks for you

  1. My wallpaper right now is my own pic staring at me with 2 horses in the background… 😉

    Even ringtones of the cellphone reflects the character or sometimes mood of the person… 😀

  2. hi i also feel that ya wallpapers do reflect one’s personality and
    wel right now my wallpaper is the beautiful fishes under water

  3. Green grass and a small boy sitting on it with a bag covering his head. Purple-ish blue sky giving it a perfect background 😀

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